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Emergency Situations

Emergency Situations

Emergency Call

Dial 999 for the local police, ambulance service, fire department and other emergency services.

Lost Passport

In the event of misplaced or lost passport, file a lost report at any police station. Contact Police Hotline 2527 7177 for locations and inform your consulate to have your passport re-issued.

Lost Property

If your valuables are lost or stolen, report the theft to police. For loss of credit cards, check with your credit card issuers for further assistance.

Useful Numbers:

Police, Fire, Ambulance: 999

Police Hotline: +852 2527 7177

Hong Kong Tourism Board Visitor Hotline: +852 2508 1234

Hong Kong International Airport: +852 2181 8888

Hong Kong Immigration Department: +2824 6111

Department of Health: +852 2961 8989

Customs and Excise Department: +852 2815 7711

Hong Kong Post: +852 2921 2222

Hong Kong Observatory: +852 1878 200

Hong Kong Hotels Association Hotline: +852 2383 8380

Telephone Directory Enquiries: 1081


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