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Octopus Card

Octopus Card

Octopus Card is a prized travel pass amongst visitors and locals alike. Safe and convenient, the stored-value smart card can be used on all forms of public transport, including MTR trains, Airport Express, Light Rail, buses, ferries, Peak Tram, Hong Kong trams, as well as at fast food restaurants, major convenience stores, such as Seven Eleven, supermarkets, and many other retailers and services.

There are many types of Octopus Cards. Typically, the On-Loan Standard Octopus Card is recommended for visitors. An Adult Octopus Card costs $150, of which $50 is refundable deposit and $100 is stored value. Children and Elder cards are priced lower at $70 and come with the same benefits.

To use the card, simply wave the card over the reading machine in designated areas.  When making a purchase, the remaining value and the amount deducted is shown.

The Octopus can be purchased at many locations, including all MTR service counters, Hong Kong International Airport, KMB Customer Service Centre, to name a few.

Tip: Purchase the Octopus card at the service counters and receive special promotions and travel passes. Note that the octopus card is restricted for the use of one person and cannot be shared while travelling with others.



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