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Sizzling Times with Prime Australian Beef and Decadent Foie Gras

Australian beef is famous for its earthy and beefy flavor whereas foie gras, considered as one of the most expensive ingredients, is well known for its rich and buttery taste. Now is your chance to experience them both at Holiday Inn Golden Mile's Bistro on the Mile’s Dinner Buffet from 1st Mar to 30 April 2019. 


Guests can relish a scrumptious variety of their favourite Australian prime beef dishes such as: roasted beef with asparagus roll, BBQ beef sirloin, ribs & skirt steak, roasted prime rib of beef and beef wellington. Foie gras is a delicacy deeply rooted in the Western world of gastronomy. This melt-in-your-mouth delicacy will be served in different ways.  Accompanied with fruit, we have the pan-fried foie gras with roasted Granny Smith apple, steamed egg with crab meat and foie gras,  duck liver and artichoke terrine, foie gras crème brulee, foie gras pate on toast, chicken galantine stuffed with foie gras and mushroom , duck foie gras maki roll, etc. There is also a choice of oceanic delights for seafood lovers.  Cooked seafood delicacies include shrimps in their shells, blue mussels, Japanese crab leg, cooked mantis shrimp, bread crab and blue mussel.  Diners can also indulge in succulent fresh oysters.  


Top off this feast with an array of delectable desserts featuring the vanilla raspberry cake, lemon white chocolate cake, Portuguese egg tart, bread and butter pudding, warm pineapple frangipane tart plus Häagen Dazs ice cream teppanyaki.


Join us at the Bistro on the Mile for this all you can eat Prime Australian Beef and decadent Foie Gras food lovers heaven!


For reservations, please call 2315 1118 or book on-line through http://www.higoldenmile.com.



Edited on 26 March, 2019


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