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Delicious Homemade Monkey Shaped Chinese New Year Pudding

The fashionably delicious homemade Chinese New Year pudding is the perfect gift for your loved ones to celebrate the traditional festival in style. Spread the festive joy with the meticulously crafted monkey shaped pudding that comes in 5 different flavours! The 5 flavours in the 2 gift sets available are cane sugar and coconut, cheddar cheese, Japanese red bean and coconut, Matcha, and black maple syrup. Cane sugar and coconut, and red bean and coconut, are of course the original and two of the most popular flavours that all families adore. With a modern twist on the classic flavour, we offer Matcha which is packed full of anti-oxidants and matches well with tea whether it’s eaten during breakfast or lunch. Another two interesting flavours are the cheddar cheese and black maple syrup flavour which can be rarely found, yet surprisingly pleasing, with the overall texture being chewy, yet soft and smooth.

Fashionably Delicious Homemade Chinese New Year Pudding Gift Sets

Deluxe Gift Set: • 6pcs of assorted pudding at HK$118 net • Flavours include: cane sugar and coconut (2pcs), cheddar cheese (1pc), Matcha (1pc), Japanese red bean and coconut (1pc), black maple syrup (1pc)

Petite Gift Set: • 3pcs of pudding at HK$68 net • 3pcs of the same flavor - choose between cane sugar and coconut, Japanese red bean and coconut, cheddar cheese, black maple syrup and Matcha

Order: January 16 – February 14, 2016

Collection: January 21 – February 14, 2016

Gifts sets are available to order starting on January 16 and are ready for pick up on January 21. Order and pay on or before January 31, 2016 to enjoy 10% early bird discount.

Order now on +852 3940 8788 Telephone: +852 3940 8788 Address: Courtyard Hong Kong Sha Tin , 1 On Ping Street, New Territories, Hong Kong


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