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Raymond Suen, Assistant Chief Concierge of JW Marriott Hong Kong

Raymond Suen, Assistant Chief Concierge at the JW Marriott Hong Kong, shares his passion for continuous learning through varied requests from guests
CityLife: What is your favourite part of being a concierge and why?
Raymond: This is a job that never bores me. Every day I encounter new requests and learn something new. I also appreciate the management of JW Marriott for empowering us to make decisions and unleash our potential to meet every challenge. 
CL: What changes have you seen in guests’ service expectations over these years? 
Raymond: I think the biggest change is that guests today know plenty about the area before they arrive, and so their requests tend to be more specific and they expect us to respond quickly – especially business visitors who do not have time to look around, such as looking for a good custom tailor.
CL: Can you share your most memorable request from a guest?
Raymond: I was once asked to locate a portable oxygen concentrator, for a guest with a medical condition. I was able to find a company who could provide the equipment and quickly train me to use it, so that I could assist the guest during his stay. He was very grateful for our efforts and returned several times to stay in our hotel.
CL: What would you tell visitors about Hong Kong that they may not already know? 
Raymond: Take your passport to Macau! Many overseas guests think it’s like heading to the outlying islands. They do not realise it is not part of Hong Kong’s territory.
Favourite local Hong Kong food:
Egg tart. A favourite local delicacy that is popular with tourists and locals alike.
A hidden gem that every visitor must see this summer:
The greener side of Hong Kong is a real hidden treasure – the Dragon’s Back and Bowen Road Fitness Trail are great for beginners.
A souvenir that represents Hong Kong:
Fortune windmills from any temple – it’s a nice cultural souvenir that sends good wishes to one’s family and friends.


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