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Chris Chan, Chief Concierge of The Mira Hong Kong

Chris Chan, Chief Concierge at The Mira Hong Kong, shares the delights of his role and the fun of living in this city.
CityLife: What is your favourite part of the job and why?
Chris: I think the essential requirement for a concierge is to put yourself into tourists’ shoes and enjoy exploring this city. It inspires me to try new eateries and fun attractions before I share the joy with our guests.
CL: What is your favourite thing about this city?
Chris: Hong Kong is getting more attractive and interesting – it continuously surprises us with new and renewed attractions. What I find most intriguing is you can always find traditional local elements beneath the cosmopolitan lifestyle. I have taken several guests to experience a Shanghai-style
barbershop a few blocks from here – they are surprised to find the remnants of old Hong Kong right in the shopping district.
CL: What would you advise visitors about Hong Kong that they may not know about?
Chris: Our practice of lightly tapping two fingers on the table to express gratitude to the person who serves the tea, which might be misinterpreted as anxiety or impatience. 
CL: Where do you like to go or to do in Hong Kong when you are off work?
Chris: I love to walk and explore every corner of the city – I enjoy getting lost to discover interesting sights and share them with my colleagues and guests. I also enjoy hiking in the country parks as a way to balance my
work life in the city.
Chris Recommends
Favourite local Hong Kong food:
Barbecued roast pork. There’s nowhere in the world does it better than Hong Kong.
A souvenir that best represents Hong Kong:
Vintage name chops available in jade markets – you can ask for a design that  shows the name of your loved ones – even translating English names to Chinese! 
A "hidden gem" to see or do for first time visitors:
Cycling along the coastline of Tolo Harbour – the road is well-paved and takes in a variety scenery such as Shing Mun River and Hong Kong Science Park. It's a fresh alternative to spending another day in the city.


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