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Explore Lamma Island

Visit Lamma Island. It's less crowded than the other outlying islands and it still retains the traditional village feel. One cool thing to do is visit the Rainbow seafood restaurant at Sok Kwu Wan and join the tour to visit their fishery nearby. Rainbow has a licence for a fishery whereby they encircle their fish with nets – it's a big area. And they are also allowed to conduct tours – you can check with them. It allows their fish to be caught wild, so to speak, before you eat them.

Cliff Wah

Chief Concierge, Ocean Park Marriott Hong Kong
HotelIndustryCareer:20 years 
About Me 
I joined the hotel industry right after school, working in concierge at the legendary Furama Hotel in Central. I then worked for the Grand Hyatt Hong Kong in Wanchai for about 10 years. That was a real learning experience as I moved through different areas within the concierge. I then joined Hullet House, the East Hotel and then here at Ocean Park Marriott, all to help open the hotels, which I enjoy doing a lot.
I love my job! I really enjoy talking to guests. Being able to help guests with their requirements or needs is a rewarding experience and I get a lot of satisfaction.
Favourite Hong Kong activity :
I love the outdoors and the sea. I love hiking, swimming and fishing. I have a marine licence so sometimes my friends and I hire a small motor boat and go boating and fishing. For example, the waters off Sai Kung has so much to do and see – swimming, fishing, exploring rock formations – it's a lot of fun and it's so relaxing.
What I most like about Hong Kong :
It is a city that doesn't sleep. You can find different types of restaurants open at any time, say, in places like Tsim Sha Tsui. And the city is so convenient that you can do so many things in a day. It sure gives you a lot of flexibility in your schedule.

Bonus Recommendation  :

     Check out the boat noodles at the Aberdeen Harbour. There are only a couple of these boats left whereby yon can eat noodles with roast pork or roast goose. The soup base is made from fish stock freshly prepared which gives a real umami flavour. Check out Lau Kee who still makes the noodles. But you have to call him to order and now it's only available as take- outs.
Extra Tip  :
We recommend for our hotel guest a scenic and relaxing jogging and walking path which is from here to Repulse Bay via the waterfront promenade. The path passes by Deep Water Bay, then Middle Island across and then Repulse Bay. It’s as pretty as it gets.
Last Advice:
Always approach the concierge desk for the latest updates on Covid-19 restrictions as well as for the best tips and directions.


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