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Monte Carlo Yachts celebrates 10 Year anniversary in Asia Monte Carlo Yachts 86 with all-new interior design tours Victoria Harbour

To celebrate its 10th anniversary in Asia, prestigious Italian luxury yacht brand Monte Carlo Yachts (MCY) held a celebration event this year at HEXA, Tsim Sha Tsui, welcoming renowned guests to the party. To mark the occasion, Mr. Fabrizio Iarrera, Chief Executive of Monte Carlo Yachts and Mr. Dan Lenard, Co-founder of Nuvolari & Lenard design studio and designer of MCY collection, visited Hong Kong last Friday Thursday and boarded the award-winning and luxurious Monte Carlo Yacht on a tour across Victoria Harbour.

Together with Nuvolari & Lenard design studio, MCY is genuinely Italian in its design and aims to create “Timeless Luxury” for each model in its collection. The design team at Nuvolari & Lenard, led by Carlo Nuvolari and Dan Lenard, have over 20 years of experience in luxury superyacht design. They have created boats for Carlos Slim, one of the world's wealthiest man, and film director Steven Spielberg, to name a few famous owners.
Known for its meticulous design, each MCY is custom-built to please the individual owner's taste, from customized layout flooring, fabric, to carefully chosen leather, all reflecting uniqueness of each yacht. The MCY fleet has earned numerous awards for each model designed and produced, reinforcing its pioneering position in the yachting industry.


At 26 meters, the MCY 86 is an exemplary DNA of Monte Carlo Yachts' style and vision. Her spacious exterior and interior decks allow generous natural lighting indoors. The class-leading entertainment foredeck allows a roomy surface area ideal for enjoying the view of the sea with family and guests in a space that is both open and private, that no other yacht in the size or category can match. The MCY 86's uniqueness makes it ever more popular in Hong Kong.

Featuring a modern and light design, this new MCY 86 offers an inimitable design fitted with unprecedented levels of quality equipment, exquisite decors and furnishings. The two side balcony allow for seaview visibility from the dining area, offering a panoramic ocean view for guests on board the luxurious yacht.


Monte Carlo Yachts is a well-established brand with 10 years in Asia. It brought home the “100 Italian Excellences Award” in December 2018, recognising MCY's achievements over the past decade. Mr. Fabrizio Iarrera, Chief Executive of Monte Carlo Yachts noted, “2019 marks an ambitious year of breakthrough with the launch of 3 new models, namely the MCY 66, MCY 70 and MCY 76, which embodies innovative elements highlighting light and volume. Hong Kong is one of the most successful regions and is the largest dealer .”


Mr. Franklin Heng, the Chairman of Asia Yachting, said “Monte Carlo Yachts bring yacht designs to the next level, with its timeless design and unlimited customisation. With Monte Carlo Yachts, an extremely strong partner in the territory, we are extremely confident in our upcoming sales growth.”
At the Monte Carlo Asia 10th Anniversary Party, the brand specially arranged a one-of-a-kind yacht parade show, where guests can watch five yachts cruising the magnificent Victoria Harbour at night. The collection includes the MCY 70, MCY 76, MCY 80, MCY 86 and MCY 105. A sensory yacht experience was also offered to guests leveraging angled screens for a panoramic view inside the MCY 86 where guests can scroll and navigate around. A simulating dashboard of an MCY yacht was also created for an interactive showcase of the MCY collection videos. Guests were also introduced to the MCY's strong customisation availability in the bespoke customisation corner, where a variety of materials were displayed that can be incorporated into their dream yacht.


Monte Carlo Yachts has a strong appeal to Asian buyers, with more than one of each model seen in the Hong Kong waters. Asia Yachting, a long-time local luxury yacht dealer, is the exclusive dealer for Monte Carlo Yachts in Hong Kong.


Edit on 24 Apr, 2019


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