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GAD & CO: Trusted Jewellery Partner for Life

The fascinating story of Gad & Co., an international boutique jewellery retailer, demonstrates the values of trust, integrity, hard work and a singular focus on serving customers – for a lifetime.
The story of Gad & Co. began in 1983 when 16-year-old Doron Gad left his native Israel for New York City, with a guitar by his side and not much more, in search of a music career. By the age of 18, he had started his own business trading in jewellery, joined by his brother Amir shortly after. Thus Gad was born and it has remained a family business since.
Through sheer hard work, smarts, courage and a thirst for knowledge about all things jewellery, and particularly diamonds, Gad & Co. was able to create a growing niche in the jewellery business catering to American cruise liner tourists in Mexico and the Caribbean. It quickly expanded operations to include Thailand, South Africa and China, capped by the opening of Gad’s flagship store in Hong Kong in 1997, run by Amir. Today, Gad is recognised as one of the top boutique jewellery stores in the city. It is particularly known for the variety of quality stones it offers, whether premium grade diamonds, coloured diamonds, or other precious gem stones like sapphires and rubies, as well as the highly individualised service it provides to clients to help each find just the right stone for any occasion. 
What inspired the confidence and indeed the courage for Gad & Co. to make its mark in a highly competitive and mature market such as Hong Kong, where some of the largest jewellery retail operations in the world compete ferociously for market share? The answer is that Gad sticks to old-fashioned virtues such as trust, integrity, honesty and building longterm relationships, all anchored by deep knowledge of and unsurpassed skills in every facet of jewellery-making borne from decades of experience and passion. From sourcing stones from all over the world, to working with the best craftsmen to select, cut and polish the stones, to designing and setting each stone to fit exactly a customer’s requirement, Gad helps transform a physical masterpiece into an emotional creation, one that satisfies and fulfils the deepest needs of each customer. 
And that deep knowledge is manifested most valuably in the sourcing of stones, arguably the most important attribute in high-end jewellery making, in which Gad has the network to find and recognise quality stones whether raw and finished, and move fast and flexibly to take advantage of unique sourcing opportunities. Equally important, the savings achieved from these sourcing advantages are passed on to clients so that they can acquire from Gad high quality jewellery pieces at prices that are highly reasonable and investment worthy.
As a result, Gad has an impressive record of converting walk-ins into buying customers, and retaining them as loyal clients with longterm relationships. Indeed the bulk of Gad’s business is from long-term clients whose needs and tastes in jewellery tend to evolve and grow more sophisticated. 
As Gad & Co. looks to the future, it is confident that its approach is hitting the market sweet spot – that of catering to long-term, discerning clients who seek unique quality products, who value trusting relationships and attentive services, and who are passionate about collecting unique pieces. 
So if you want to find the right jewellery piece and appreciate its beauty and all that it represents, pay a visit to Gad & Co. – you’ll be treated specially and more than that, you are likely to gain a partner to help guide your selections, for a lifetime. 



Address: Gad & Co., 131 Queens Road Central, Hong Kong
Telephone: 2544 0002
(Edited on 8 Aug 2017)


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