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Fun Galore at Ocean Park

 Home grown Ocean Park stays top-of-the heap as one of Asia’s best theme park attractions!


It’s hard to believe that Ocean Park has entertained at least two generations of children and adults alike from all over the world since its opening 42 years ago in 1977. Notwithstanding witnessing newer or bigger theme parks or amusement parks cropping up all over Asia in recent years, Ocean Park Hong Kong has managed to reinvent and reinvigorate itself through the years, helping it to remain as one of Asia’s most iconic and beloved attractions.


Located in Wong Chuk Hang on the southern part of Hong Kong Island, Ocean Park’s 91.5 hectares facility offers over 80 attractions spread-out over two attraction areas – the Waterfront and the Summit, which are connected by cable cars and the Ocean Express, a funicular train system.

What makes Ocean Park so special and allows it to remain one of Hong Kong’s must-see destinations? For one, Ocean Park offers unmatched diversity. As a multi-purpose marine mammals and animal theme park, oceanarium and amusement park all rolled into one, it’s a perfect destination for children, young people and adults alike. Whether it’s connecting with animals, seeking thrilling rides, or just enjoying unadulterated fun, Ocean Park offers them all. Its location is also unique among theme parks. Perched atop a headland overlooking the South China Sea, Ocean Park’s Summit offers plenty of stunning vistas of seas, islands and the city. Finally, the park continues to reinvent itself with new attractions and features, pouring billions of investments over the years to keep the park up-to-date and in world-class shape. Its latest includes two new five-star hotels of which the Ocean Park Marriott is already opened, and the highly anticipated Water Park set to open soon. This ensures Ocean Park’s future remains bright.


Check out below our selections of favourite attractions and be sure to make Ocean Park your top destination on your visit to Hong Kong this summer. Look for its summer promotions and special programs to be offered soon.


Favourite Attractions – The Waterfront- precious animals and fish, and old Hong Kong.

Cable Cars: The cable car ride from the Waterfront to the Summit is not to be missed. The 6-seat gondola, which traverses up a steep hill and along the cliff-edge of the headland, offers its own thrill; the panoramic views of Middle Island, Repulse Bay and Deep Water Bay and the South China Sea beyond is simply mesmerising.

Old Hong Kong: Get a nostalgic flavour of old Hong Kong from the 1950s to the 1970s with this faithful replicate of the city’s streetscape and buildings of that ear, with more than 70 kinds of local food and beverages offered reminiscent of Old Hong Kong -also a great photo-spot for visitors.

Amazing Asian Animals/ Giant Panda Adventure: Yes, you must see Ying Ying and Le Le, two of the park’s three giant pandas. Other animals including the precocious red Panda, the endangered Chinese Giant Salamander and Chinese alligator are also on display here.

The Grand Aquarium: The aquarium dome, a spectacular reef tunnel and 13 metres wide acrylic viewing panel allow guest to view close-up an eye-opening collection of fish of different species.



Favourite Attractions - The Summit- all the fun and thrilling rides are here, plus much more!


Mine Train: The 678 metres-long roller-coaster perched on a cliff takes passengers on an exhilarating “mining” journey. Guest can opt for a completely different experience by putting on special virtual reality (VR) headsets and take on an ultra-realistic journey. Those clear-eyed enough can enjoy an unimpeded view of Aberdeen Harbour and Lamma Island beyond.


Thrill Mountain/Hair Raiser: Thrill Mountain is the park’s carnival-themed area which offers five exhilarating rides, booth games, food and beverage and souvenir merchandise. Surely the Hair Raiser, Hong Kong’s fastest roller coaster ride is the most sought after by thrill seekers, as the floorless roller coaster hurtle guests with a top speed of 88 km an hour, reaching 4.0G in acceleration.



Ocean Theatre: The longstanding dolphin and sea lion show at the 3,500 seat theatre has remained a favourite among visitors over the years. Audience can admire at the amazing feats the animals can perform while learning the value of conservation from the caretakers.

Sea Jelly Spectacular: For a quick respite and a surrealistic visual treat, check out the underwater aquarium with over 1000 sea jellies of all sizes, shapes and colours floating silently overhead. The visual effects are enhanced by the latest technology in lighting, music and multimedia special effects – and the waiting time is always short.


Seal Encounter – A special experience: Polar Adventure is one of the park’s top attractions, showcasing two facilities: South Pole Spectacular where penguins are kept, and North Pole Encounter featuring seals and walruses. For a special experience, you’ll want to sign up for Seal Encounter (24-hours booking in advance, $1,180 per person). The participants get to learn about the behaviours of seals and their habitat, interact with seals in the water, including touching them and even hugging them and have a picture taken with the seal! It’s a truly a unique experience to be treasured.

Food and Beverage/Ginger Grill: Ocean Park has substantially revamped its food and beverage offerings. Of special note is the Ginger Grill located at the Waterfront near the entrance. The spacious outlet offers contemporary Thai cuisine and Thai-styled grilled items. Signature dishes include Thai Style Roasted Sunflower Chicken, Traditional Tom Yum Goong, Assorted appetisers accompanied with various dipping sauces and the U.S. Prime Ribeye Bone-in, among others. The outlet is open to guests free of admission charge after 6:30pm when the park closes.



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