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Sham Shui Po Every Bit Local

If you’re looking for a totally immersive experience in Hong Kong’s rich local culture, Sham Shui Po, a densely populated, colourful working class neighbourhood in Kowloon, should be top of your list. As with many of the city’s urban areas, Sham Shui Po tells an inspiring tale of vibrant, organic transformation. What sets Sham Shui Po apart is the richness of its attractions, which includes its idiosyncratic street markets, trendy affordable fashion shops and computer centres; down-home eateries serving cheap, yummy local comfort food; old buildings that tell vivid tales of this area’s history, and more – all jarringly juxtaposed to create a vibrant microcosm of the real Hong Kong local culture.


Sham Shui Po was the hub of a thriving textile and garment industry up until the 1980s. The area hasn’t shed its roots completely though and in its place is a retail hub of all things clothing – whether it is shops packed with affordable fashion wear or aggregations of street stalls selling fabrics, beads, buttons and other clothing accessories. Explore Yu Chau Street (Bead Street), Ki Lung Street (Button Street), Tai Nan Street (Leather Street), Nam Cheong Street (Ribbon Street) plus Cheung Sha Wan Fashion Road.


Sham Shui Po is chock full of local eateries and street food stalls serving cheap and hearty fare. From one of the city’s cheapest Michelin-starred outlets (Tim Ho Wan) to a tried-andtrue noodles shop (Wai Kee Noodle Cafe) to delicious desserts (Kung Wo Beancurd Factory), the abundant choices will keep your stomach filled and refilled for hours.




Sham Shui Po’s old buildings tell a rich tale of the city’s development history, including Hong Kong’s first public housing estate. Visit Jockey Club Creative Arts Centre, converted from a former factory estate and the YHA Mei Ho House Youth Hostel, also converted from an old residential block. Check out the Heritage of Mei Ho House museum which documents public housing developments from the 1950s to the 1970s.


With so many well-known street markets plus its computer centres, Sham Shui Po is perfect for walking, offering a fun-filled urban treasure hunt adventure. The iconic Apliu Street, one of the city’s more famous street markets, is a mustvisit. Known for electronics from computers and mobile phones to cables and jacks to television sets, drones and body cameras and more, Apliu Street and Kweilin Street which it runs into are, together, a fun repository for trinkets, old collectibles and souvenirs of all sorts. Also check out Golden Computer Arcade on Fuk Wing Street which is crowded with shops selling all things electronic: computers, tablets, mobile phones, video games, and especially hard-to-find accessories like rare batteries and cables.





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