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Hong Kong Wine & Dine Festival

Firmly established as Asia’s largest and most glamorous culinary event, the Wine & Dine Festival offers an unparalleled combination of fine wines, local and international gastronomic treats and festive ambience for wine lovers and foodies alike!
Like a well-aged fine wine, Hong Kong's mega culinary event, taking place from 31 October to 3 November, luxuriates in its 11th year with sophistication and class. Tens of thousands of food and wine lovers from all over the world are expected to descend onto the four-day festival. Hundreds of local and international exhibitors will tr​​eat visitors to a dizzying array of prominent and promising wines as well as superb local, regional and international food.
This year, the festival is offering more new wines and other alcohol, and exotic regional foods, as well as launching several green initiatives including reusable cutlery, self-service water stations, food donation collections and waste recycling. The festival also features live music in the evenings, an interactive festival map to navigate the zones, plus numerous workshops and auctions to enhance the visitor experience.
In case there was any doubt that Hong Kong deserves its moniker of Asia's culinary capital, the Wine & Dine Festival helps kick off the Hong Kong Great November Feast. For the entire month of November, the city will indulge in special tasting menus by Hong Kong's best restaurants, world-class wine and spirit expos, gourmet carnivals and gastronomy tours. Be sure to mark your calendar for a return visit.
For an unforgettable gastronomic and oenological experience amidst a stunning setting and festive ambience, the Hong Kong Wine & Dine Festival is a must. Make it the highlight of your visit to Hong Kong.
Classic Pass Lite
5 Wine Tokens* 
* Not applicable to the Grand Wine Pavilion 
1 plastic wine glass 
Classic Pass
• 9 Wine Tokens
• 4 Food Tokens
• 1 tasting wine glass 
• 1 portable cutlery set 
* Not applicable to the Grand Wine Pavilion 

Grand Pass

14 Wine Tokens*

• 4 Food Tokens*

• 1 red wine glass 

• 1 3-in-1 organic cutlery set 
* For use at the Grand Wine Pavilion only 
#Food and Wine Tokens are stored on a smart card that can be topped up.
Food and Wine Tokens are sold separately.
• HK$20 per token
HK$30 per person
(Half price for seniors aged 65 or above, children aged three to 12, full-time students and people with disabilities. Free for children under three.)
Buy 2 or more Classic Passes or Grand Passes and save 20%!
Come for the Best Wine
 Grand Wine Pavilion
Wine and Dine Festival Highlights -
Sit back, relax and taste bottles that come highly recommended by internationally acclaimed wine critics. Also sample delicious bite-size delights from renowned wineries and charcuteries for you to pair with your tipple of choice. Purchase a Grand Pass for unlimited entry to the Grand Wine Pavilion on the same day.
Hipster Picks 
Want to make sure you’re on top of the latest trends? Get your taste buds tingling with our distinctive gins from around the world and discover the most extraordinary cocktails to order at the bar right now.

Lighter Alcohol

Find low-alcohol drinks for your next holiday party! Relax with a locally inspired craft beer, cider or sparkling wine at every festive occasion. Here you can also taste great new rosé wines.


Country Pavilions

A wide selection of wine from different countries and regions, from Bordeaux and Burgundy in France to Italy, Georgia and Japan as well as the famous region of Ningxia in China, paired with an array of exotic foods.


Come for the Best Food
International Street Eats
Experience popular street food from Singapore, Taiwan and other regions, all in one place. Mouth-watering dishes include nostalgic cotton candy, Peng Hu's native cactus drink, Singapore's traditional wok hei, juicy pan-fried buns, fluffy egg waffle and modern dim sum .
An Aesthetic Feast With Master Chefs
Savour seasonal ingredients carefully selected by renowned local and international chefs in the Tasting Room and enhanced with sommelier-selected fine wines, all finished off with creative flair to delight the camera as well as the taste buds.
Afternoon Tea in Wonderland 
Bringing their elegant afternoon tea buffet experience, the chefs from The Ritz-Carlton, Hong Kong will prepare a delectable selection of both innovative savory dishes and sweet items to awaken your senses.

Come for the Best Experiences

Wine Auction
Uncover a superb wine collection of spectacular vintage from 1918 and celebrate the first festival auction!
The Stage 
Your ears and eyes, as well as your taste buds, are in for a sensory treat with live music and entertainment on the grand main stage.
AR Festival Map AR
Try out the playful new AR interactive map! Choose the zones you want to visit and the ideal route will be created, with the ability to switch between AR and 2D maps. Just scan the QR code at the venue and allow access to your phone's camera .
Tips to enjoy the festival/recommendations
Time:Giveyourselfplentyoftimetoexplore:thereissomuchtoseeandsample.Takeyour time, or better yet, make it a two- or three-day affair.
• Wine tasting: Try both the regular wine booths and the Grand Wine Pavilion to sample a wide range of wines.
• Food tasting/wine pairing: Along with the wine, don’t miss out on all the delicious food on offer at the festival. It’s a gastronomic experience waiting to be explored.


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