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Fashion Walk - The Ultra-Cool Gathering Place

In the heart of Causeway Bay, just a few minutes’ walk from the Hong Kong Stadium, is Fashion Walk, one of the city’s coolest destinations offering the latest trends in fashion, gourmet and lifestyle. Embracing three vibrant areas – Paterson, Kingston and Food Street - in a unique indoor-outdoor setting and popular with millennials and fashionistas. Fashion Walk was named “Hong Kong’s Smart Fashion Destination” by USA Today in 2015. It is where cutting-edge designer brands make their first presence in Hong Kong. Be sure to visit Fashion Walk as one of your must-see destinations.



This fashion impact brand MASTERMIND WORLD founded by Masaaki Homma has been the talk of the town. It has gained a loyal following for its quality fabrics and workmanship as well as its innovative urban-hip design, including the iconic skull image that features prominently on its products. Its concept store at Fashion Walk has no garment in display, serving to create an unprecedented shopping experience in the comfort of utmost privacy.


Shop B, G/F, 66-72 Paterson Street


Puma Hong Kong Flagship

The image of bold sportswear products evoked by this household brand are reflected in the eye-catching décor of its store. Check out its popular 2018 FENTY PUMA by RIHANNA collection, which includes FENTY Unisex Summer Hoodie, FENTY Unisex Mesh Hobo Bag, FENTY Unisex Perforated Cap, among many others, as well as the latest shoes and spring/summer fashion wear.


Puma Hong Kong Flagship
Shop F, G/F, 9 Kingston Street


The Artist House

This brand-new 3,500 sq. ft. bar and café specializes in serving boutique craft beers from Belgium, innovative cocktails and coffees, providing a casual and unique lifestyle experience for guests. The softly-lit venue features a long bar, open yet intimate booths, a hydroponic farm, a bespoke microbrewery, an edible perfume bar to pair unique fragrances with craft beers, a 360VR tour of the brewery in Belgium, and much else.


The Artist House
Shop G4, 1/F, 9 Kingston Street



(Edited on 3 Apr 2018)


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