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Zafran Goes Caracas For Tapas

New Tapas in Caracas ‘No-Menu’ Experience with Venezuelan Chef Miguel
Zafran, the vibrant Spanish restaurant and bar located in Central, launches a new ‘no-menu’ concept, Tapas in Caracas, available at the high-top tapas bar. From April guests can pay a tempting HK$498 to enjoy five bespoke and innovative tapas dishes, prepared byExecutiveChef Miguel, that is tailor made to each guest’s individual taste.
Chef Miguel has created a personalised culinary adventure where guests will choose from Zafran’s specially curated taste map, helping epicureans navigate through a series of ingredients and flavours. With a Venezuelan background, Chef Miguel adds his own flair of texture, spice and authentic home-style ingredients to his dishes - all to be revealed when sitting at Zafran’s buzzing tapas bar. 
Once guests have shared their personal preferences, Chef begins working on his creations; a salty style dish can result in a combination of a wide variety of ingredients including mussels, a well-known Spanish seafood snack, paired best with a chilled glass of Castell d’Encus Ekam Riesling. At Zafran, the mussels are sourced fresh daily and marinated in a variety of oils and herbs.  
For those who can’t decide, Chef will help choose and create your signature dish. Chef Miguel uses delicacies from around the world, like foie gras, where he balances  the rich and velvety texture with some Venezuelan flair using unusual ingredients for a perfect blend of flavours.  
Seafood-lovers can expect a vast range of tapas with ingredients like cod, scallops, squid, shellfish and seabass all hidden in Chef’s arsenal. One of Chef’s personal favourites is the Catalonian cuttlefish. One way it can be served is with trinxat potatoes, a Catalonian style of mixing mashed potato with Ibérico pork, cabbage and garlic. The salty nuances from the diced Ibérico ham cut through the potato, complementing the ingredients perfectly.
A dessert option, depending on the guest’s sweet tooth, Chef may create the finale with his homemade Torrija. Torrija, a Spanish bread similar to brioche  –  with its rich, buttery flavour and soft, tender texture  -  is soaked in milk, eggs, cream and amaretto for a rich flavourful centre, which is then lightly fried to seal in the spongey texture with a caramelised coating. For a little more indulgence, the Torrija can be topped with a scoop of almond gelato.
With plenty more unique tapas creations to look forward to, the new Tapas in Caracas ‘no-menu’ concept will continually bring unexpected pairings to the table, using ingredients like Mediterranean fish and slow-cooked 63 degree eggs.
Chef and his team gather the freshest ingredients to choose from when preparing the tapas, including 24 month aged acorn fed Ibérico ham from Spain, scallops from Hokkaido and Portuguese sardines. 
Crafting dishes born from experience, Chef combines traditional Spanish flavours from the Catalan and Basque regions with an interesting take on European and South American influences.
The Tapas in Caracas  ‘no-menu’  experience is available at Zafran from Tuesday to Saturday for dinner at the tapas bar, where each 5-dish combination will differ to suit the individual guests taste profile. 
About Zafran
Zafran is a vibrant Spanish Restaurant, part of Aqua Restaurant Group. Zafran is located in Central  -  the lively heart of Hong Kong. Zafran offers a versatile menu featuring contemporary Spanish dishes and tapas designed for sharing, including Basque and Catalan favourites. All prepared with passion using celebrated Spanish ingredients from 24 month aged acorn fed Ibérico ham to artisanal Spanish cheeses. 
Zafran boasts an open kitchen tapas bar, a restaurant and lounge area with DJ booth as well as a private dining room. The interiors exude an urban vibe, reminiscent of some of the cooler nightspots of  Barcelona -with exposed brick, burnt orange apothecary bottles and Tom Dixon light installations. The Spanish restaurant is an escape from the hectic city for a pit stop tapas lunch, romantic dinner destination or late night dining.


Address: Basement, Yu Yuet Lai Building, 43-55 Wyndham Street, Lan Kwai Fong, Central

Tel: 2116 8855



(Edited on 21/4/17)


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