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Located in the heart of Hong Kong's nightlife hub in Lan Kwai Fong and long recognized for its classic cocktails and Asian fusion food menu, Bao Bei has reinvented itself and, starting in June, is showcasing fresh new dishes and desserts to its eager customers.
Several cold and hot small plates are served to start the meal. Thin Sliced Pork Belly with Chili Garlic Sauce ($68) is quite spicy with a distinctive aroma of garlic and red vinegar. Asian Style Brussel Sprouts ($68) is much like a homemade dish with Chinese sausage, fish sauce and chili oil. Our favourite was Beef Tenderloin Wrappers ($88), a Chinese crepe with juicy tenderloin, celery, spring onion and Hoisin sauce. Then comes the eagerly awaited main dish of the night: Baked Curry Chicken in Pineapple Bun Pizza Crust ($268), which is a combination of the local favorite 'Pineapple Bun' and classic clay baked 'Beggar's Chicken', and a real treat for our palates. Finally, Korean Bulgogi Rice in Claypot ($188) is a traditional rice claypot with Kimchi and beef on top and the flavour is nicely enhanced by the sweet soy sauce.
Bao Bei's new selections of desserts and drinks are equally tempting. Yin-Yang Panna Cotta ($68) playfully combines Hong Kongstyle milk tea and black coffee. Hibiscus Hawthorne Cheesecake ($88) and Green Tea Molten Red Bean Cake ($88) are also good choices to round out the meal. And Typhoon No.10 ($148) and Childhood Memory ($108) are highly recommended for Friday night drinks.
Shop 1, B/F, Carfield Commercial Building, 77 Wyndham Street, Central; 2801 7779; www.baobeihk.com
(Edited on 4 July 2017)


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