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MOMOJEIN is a contemporary Korean restaurant located at QRE Plaza in Wanchai. Though becoming more popular, contemporary Korean cuisine is still a rarity in Hong Kong, and MOMOJEIN, now in its third year, was certainly a welcome addition. Under its youthful Executive Chef Lim Hee Won, a star TV celebrity chef back in Korea, MEMOJEIN serves traditional Korean gastronomy with a highly innovative and contemporary interpretation. 
Chef Lim and his Korean kitchen crew pay meticulous attention to the preparation of ingredients and dishes as such as kimchi, tofu and batter fried chicken, which are all handmade and authentically Korean, right down to the charcoal that fuels the stove. 
MOMOJEIN now offers a revamped menu of Chef Lim’s latest concoctions. Notable dishes include: Gujeolpan($138), a colourful combination dish with nine key ingredients; House Tofu($138), a traditional tofu kimchi dish in which the kimchi is fermented for more than six months; Spicy Bell Pepper Tuna($162), a cold dish that blends fresh tuna and charcoal-grilled pepper; KFD($240 large portion), those ever-popular Korean fried chicken drumsticks offered in original, spicy or soy sauce flavours; Yukhoe($178), a traditional Korean beef tartare remade with a spicy flavour; Soondoobu Stew($208), a zesty appetizing mixed pork and seafood stew; and Kalbi & Grilled Vegetables ($390), a USDA prime beef charcoal-grilled Korean style.
23/F, QRE Plaza, 202 Queen' s Road East, Wanchai, Hong Kong
2789 1919
(Edited on 4 Aug 2017)



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