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Nine Seafood Place

Nine Seafood Place, a 50,000 sq. ft. fish market-cum-dining complex launched in July 2017 in Whampoa, has quickly become the latest landmark for foodies and seafood lovers.

Nine Seafood Place houses several specialty restaurants, including a fine-dining Cantonese Seafood outlet, a Michelin Bib Gourmand Japanese sushi restaurant, a crab-themed eatery and a popular Ramen restaurant, offering something for everyone. It also showcases a 7,000 sq. ft. seafood street, selling live seafood as well as seafood products from all over the world. Several dessert shops and some children’s attractions round out the busy line up of shops.


Full House Chinese Seafood Restaurant

This month, we tried out the food at two of its outlets. First was Full House Chinese Seafood Restaurant, the only Chinese restaurant at Nine Seafood Place, which specialises in Cantonese seafood and also offers dim sum and other Cantonese dishes. Customers can personally pick out the live seafood from the fish tanks and have it prepared immediately.

For our tasting, we opted for Har Gau (Steamed fresh shrimp dumplings with bamboo shoots, HK$48), Shao Mai (Steamed pork and shrimp dumplings, topped with crab roe, HK$48), Deep-fried glutinous Dumpling with dried shrimps, pickled turnip and green chives (HK$33), Deep-fried Tofu and King Oyster Mushroom Dices, seasoned with spicy salt served in a crispy potato nest (HK$48), Baked Crab Shell au Gratin: Stuffed with a mixture of fresh crabmeat, scallops, onions, button mushrooms, butter, superior broth, coated with cheese and baked until golden brown (HK$128), Honey Glazed Barbecued Pork Loin (HK$108), and Double-boiled Fish Maw with Superior Thick Soup and Goose Web (HK$186), plus Noodles in Superior Soup with Finely Shredded Jin Hua Ham and Greens (HK$58).

It’s always a treat to eat fresh seafood Cantonese style in Hong Kong. A visit to Nine Seafood Place and dinner at Full House makes for a worthwhile visit.


Shop 6-7, Nine Seafood Place, Whampoa Garden Site 9, 8 Tak Fung Street, Hung Hom; 3169 0880


Sushi Shota

The second restaurant we chose was Sushi Shota, which recently relocated to Nine Seafood Place. Sushi Shota has long been familiar to sushi lovers in Hong Kong, with a reputation for fresh seafood and meticulous preparation and attention to quality.


The nicely decorated restaurant is clean and pleasant, with an open kitchen to show the sushi chefs at work. Shota flies its fish and seafood in daily and keeps the seafood in a special non-electric refrigerator where a big block of ice is put on the top level inside the fridge, letting the cold air descend to the storage space naturally to help preserve the fish’s freshness. We were told that type of refrigerator is hardly made anymore.

We chose Shota’s specialty, omakase, which is available for dinner only. Our pick, the Sakura Selection (HK$780/person) was superb. The meal includes a nice selection of sushi including fatty toro, tuna, sea urchin and salmon roe, a seasonal hot dish, hand roll, soup, Japanese steamed egg, and dessert. The sushi takes centre stage and all the pieces taste excellent – fresh and succulent. A set lunch option includes a selection of quality sushi (HK$250/10 pieces or HK$295/15 pieces) plus a complement of soup, steamed egg, salad and dessert.


Nine Seafood Place, G/F, Whampoa Garden, Site 9, Wonderful Worlds of Whampoa, 8 Tak Fung Street, Hung Hom; 2834 3031



(Edited on 1 Feb 2018)


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