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HEXA, the new Chinese restaurant located at the end of OTE, Ocean Terminal’s new extension, is destined to be the city’s next culinary hotspot. The restaurant’s artful moniker pays tribute to a private residential salon on Bonham Road back in the 1960s. established by six gentlemen who shared a love of tea, wine and the finer things in life. HEXA, thus named, is aiming to recreate the essence of that salon, and more.

HEXA’s design was led by notable local designer Steven Leung, known for his striking and stark colourful contrasts. Arriving guests are greeted with a unique 270-degree panoramic view of the harbor and the city. The entrance divides the elongated restaurant into two wings – dubbed “Love” – serving drinks, food and music, and “Passion” – the main dining area. Beyond the French windows of both wings lies a large lawn literally on water’s edge, which is ideal for evening cocktails, large parties and the perfect place to enjoy a gorgeous Hong Kong sunset.

The restaurant’s décor is contemporary: airy, chic and sleek, supported by a cacophony of colours, lines and geometric shapes that, in combination, create a sense of modern elegance and luxury. HEXA serves primarily refined Cantonese food employing innovative cooking skills. It also has a dim sum lunch offering.

Our meal started with dim sum: Steam Shrimp Dumplings in Bamboo Charcoal Wrapping ($78) – we were intrigued by its dark golden skin; Baked BBQ Pork Bun Topped with Buttered Crust ($58) and Wagyu Beef with Black Pepper in Puff Pastry ($80), which is rapidly gaining a fan following.

A tender cha-siu, Roasted Iberico Pork with Honey Sauce ($288) was next, followed by Taraba Crab Leg Meat with Pomelo ($188) – a cool, refreshing dish that was new to us; Pan-seared Dried Golden Oysters with Longan Honey ($218) – savoury and rich, and the nicely deep-fried Golden Brick Silky Beancurd ($118).

Silky Fowl Soup with Fish Maw and Sea Conch ($238), a slow-boiled soup popular with locals, was next. Three more dishes rounded the meal out – King Prawn Dual Tossed in Mango Puree and Golden Salty Egg Yolk ($298), Smoked Chicken with LongJing Tea Leaves ($288/half), another first for us, and Sautéed Geoduck with Morel and Asparagus ($398), which was nicely stirred fried.

A light dessert, Jasmine Tea Flavoured Panna Cotta with Hazelnut Puff ($148) completed this most enjoyable meal. And – even as locals – we still couldn’t get over the stunning harbour views.

You won’t find a better combination of gourmet excellence and mesmerising visual spectacle than HEXA – a worthy choice for a truly memorable dining experience.



Shop 101, OTE, Harbour City , Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon
2577 1668


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