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Fooklore, located in the basement of the Empire Hotel in Wanchai, is the latest brainchild of Fook Lam Moon Group, whose flagship restaurant bearing the same name sets the gold standard for fine Cantonese dining in the city. The same space was occupied by another stalwart of the group, Guo Fu Lo, which recently moved to The Murray. Fooklore continues to serve refined Cantonese dishes including top-of-the-shelf dim sum. In a welcome move and departure from its sister restaurants, Fooklore has added Sichuan dishes to its menu.

For our lunch, we sampled a combination of Cantonese and Sichuanese dishes plus dim sum. The dim sum dishes included Steamed Dumpling with Yellow Fungus ($80), Deep Fried Dumplings with Crab Meat and Chinese Chives ($55). We then had its signature Hors d'Oeuvres Poached Chicken with Chili Oil ($220) and Peanut Sauce Pan-Fried Lotus Root Cakes ($160/$220). This was followed by the delicious Double-boiled Soup with Matsutake and Fungus ($120). Then we had the Deep Fried Spare Ribs with Lychee Osmanthus Sauce ($180), Sautéed Shrimps with Chilies($380) and Fried Rice Vermicelli with Fresh Crab Meat and Dried Shrimps($280) to complete the meal. The Cantonese food was always going to be excellent, given the restaurant's lineage, but we were equally impressed with the quality of the Sichuan food.

Fooklore is a sparkling addition to the city's Cantonese fine dining scene and well worth your visit.


LG2, Empire Hotel, 33 Hennessey Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong
2861 2060


Edited on 4 Sep, 2018


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