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Dong Lai Shun

Dong Lai Shun, one of the best Northern Chinese cuisine restaurants in Hong Kong, is offering its Spring menu showcasing zesty and refreshing sour and spicy dishes. The restaurant has a venerable pedigree as the original Dong Lai Shun was established in Beijing over a century ago, serving authentic Beijing dishes including the famous roasted Beijing duck.

For his spring menu, Head Chef Sze Chiu-kwan has crafted a list of sour and spicy dishes using Chinese vinegar, chilli, and seasonal ingredients. Chef Sze’s concoctions tend to be lighter than traditional Szechuan spicy dishes, with the sourness and spiciness less dominating for the palate, which help bring out the flavours of the underlying ingredients.

The dishes sampled included three starters: Chilled Beef Fillet & Bean Jelly Noodles with Sour and Spicy Flavour ($298) in which lightly poached beef fillet is served with a mixture of lychee vinegar, chopped apple and chilli and jelly noodles; Marinated Sour and Spicy Flavor White Bitter Melon ($138) – a light and refreshing dish; and Chilled Sour and Spicy Flavor Ox Tripe ($138) which is quite flavourful.

For main dishes, we had the signature Poached Mandarin Fish with Sour and Spicy Vegetables ($528) in which the fish is poached in fresh tomatoes and preserved vegetable soup, the poaching allows the meat to retain its tender texture. The other dish is Braised Mutton with Sour and Spicy Broth ($388) – we were told the mutton is exclusively supplied to Dong Lai Shun, as attested by the soft and tender brisket. Check out the delightful sour and spicy dishes at Dong Lai Shun – perfect for the season.


Basement 2, The Royal Garden, 69 Mody Garden, Tsim Sah Tsui East, Kowloon

2733 2020



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