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K11 Musea, Hong Kong's latest luxury mall, is home to several new, unique dining outlets. One such is Avobar, a London- based avocado-themed restaurant for which K11 Musea is its first international outlet. Avobar manages to do more with avocados than most of us could possibly imagine, with a wide range of dishes served in a casual and relaxed setting.
Avobar's décor is comfortable and warm; its cushion chairs are inviting, and an open kitchen adds to the welcoming atmosphere. The restaurant offers an all-day menu. Avobar sources its high-quality avocados from all over the world, freshly delivered to Hong Kong all year around.
We never knew avocado could be included in so many dishes. We started with Cajun Sweet Potato “Chips” & Wasabi Mayo ($48) and the Avobar Cobb Salad ($148), with sweetcorn, sweet tomatoes, queso fresco, prawns, bacon and avo rose.
We then tried a brunch menu item, the Matcha Pancake Sweet ($118) with caramelised banana, maple syrup and avo-butter, which tasted velvety smooth. An avocado soup, Avo Mushroom Cappuccino ($98) is delicious and certainly different.
For main dishes, we had Avo Bun Burger ($148), Avobar's signature dish – an avo bun with a sweet potato and lentil patty, coconut and herb dressing with vegan slaw; Avo Bun Lobster ($198), an avo bun with lobster chunks, tangy mango, passionfruit and tabasco mayo with a celeriac slaw on the side; and Black Cod and Mushroom Risotto ($178) with avo foam and truffle oil. They were all packed with delightfully unique flavours and a complete joy.
Avobar also serves some yummy smoothies, including Avo Banaberries ($80) and Avo Refreshing ($80) with banana, green tea, mango, pineapple, spinach and avocado. We finished a Choc Avo Brownie ($54) together with a Beetroot Latte ($48) to wrap up this enjoyable meal.
You don’t have to be an avocado lover or a millennial to enjoy this excellently different restaurant. And the prices are reasonable. Be sure to give it a try.
Shop B201-4, K11 Musea, Victoria Dockside, 18 Salisbury Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon


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