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Hot Summer is approaching, it is time to cool down with deliciously decadent gelato courtesy of Venchi. With the very best of ingredients blended with fresh dairy ,Venchi uses the traditional method for making the classic Italian product that is adored worldwide. Promising only natural intense flavours with no artificial colourings, you can enjoy this authentic Italian gelato moment at 11 stores across the city. Over the course of the summer Venchi will introduce one new flavour each month. With its ever-popular collection of core flavours along with these new and exciting choices, Venchi will have you coming back again and again!


Venchi reinvents a traditional Italian dessert into gelato form with its take on Cassata, a sweet and savory marriage of ricotta cheese gelato mixed with candied orange peel cubes. Florentine Cream launches in June and promises the creaminess of cream coupled with egg yolks for pure indulgence. Gelatoshake Mango Stracciatella, a fresh mango sorbet mixed with hazelnut chocolate spread and chocaviar grains along with Tiramisu will also launch in June. More exicing favours will be launched. 


New fruit sorbets will be making the menu to keep you refreshed at the height of summer. Made from fresh fruit puree Mango & Passionfruit and Durian will be available in July and Mandarin in August.

Then there is the core collection, which is available most of the year. Following the fruit theme, the Strawberry Stracciatella pairs strawberry puree with milk chocolate chips.

As renowned chocolatiers who source exquisite raw materials from South America and Africa, it is not surprising that this ingredient features heavily on the menu. The Extra Dark Chocolate, made from 75% dark chocolate, and the Truffle, a delicious mix of milk chocolate, hazelnut grains, cocoa powder and Venchi’s own dark chocolate spread is certain to satisfy chocolate fanatics.

Next go nuts from Venchi’s Pistachio or Hazelnut gelatos. Using only the very best, Venchi sources the godfather of pistachios from Bronte in Sicily and Hazelnuts from Piedmont; both regions renowned to bring out divinely intense flavours from the nuts.

Choose between a cup or a cone, which can be upgraded to be dipped in Venchi’s signature chocolate spread – Suprema XV and rolled in either dried raspberries, hazelnuts grains, Nougatine - caramelized hazelnuts grains or Chocaviar - 75% Dark chocolate grains.


And if that isn’t enough and you want keep having the same icedream, Venchi has introduced its new gelato take-home option, where you can pick up to five flavours of gelato that can be enjoyed at home. Available as takeout at the Venchi stores or through Deliveroo.


About Venchi
Venchi was founded by Silviano Venchi in 1878, following the tradition of the Piedmont Master Chocolatiers. Inspired by our unparalleled 140-year heritage, we traditionally create our chocolates in a unique Italian style.
Venchi devoted to create chocolates of different textures and flavors, and is committed to using only natural ingredients. We balance the high requirement of freshness and quality, Venchi has developed a series of exclusive and popular chocolate recipes to create chocolates of the best quality. The King of our tradition, Gianduja is an old recipe that comes from the North of Italy. Only Chocolate and I.G.P Piedmont Hazelnuts paste. Venchi would like to share the delighted and happy Italian life style by delicious chocolate which can make your day. 






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