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You can always count on Elite Concepts, one of the city's most innovative dining groups, and its founder Paul Hsu to break new ground with enticing and intriguing dining formats. That is certainly the case with Shu K, which marks the second collaboration between Hsu and famed Sichuan chef Deng Huadong.
Located in the swanky K11 Musea shopping mall, Shu K serves a more refined version of Sichuan cuisine from the province's Mianyang and Chengdu areas. While many of the dishes still use Sichuan chillies and Hua Jia or Sichuan peppercorn as their key flavouring, their usage is more subtle and nuanced. This is reflected in Chef Deng's menu, which showcases classic Sichuan dishes with an added modern touch, using regional and international ingredients and cooking techniques.
We tried Shu K's Special Set Menu ($680/person, minimum of 2 persons), a tasting menu for discerning guests. The meal starts with three classic Sichuan appetisers: Mouthwatering Chicken, Sichuan Style – an old yummy standby; Sliced Cucumber Tossed with Garlic and Chili; and Spicy Seafood Medley.
Doubled-boiled Fish Maw and Chicken Soup, a nutritious and tasty soup, is next. Then a real treat – Sautéed Hairy Crab with Rice Cake, which is available only during the autumn hairy crab season. The crab is stir-fried, and the slightly spicy sauce helps accent the flavour – a nice touch. Or you can order the Hairy Crab in Mala Sauce, which is equally tasty and comes with a bigger kick.
Sea Cucumber with Scallion is next – a generous portion of sea cucumber nicely braised, followed by Kung Pao Prawn, Shu K Style – the prawn is infused with a subtle chili flavour.
We wrapped up the meal with Sautéed Pea Sprouts with Freshwater Crabmeat, Pork Wonton in Red Chili Oil, both classic Sichuan dishes, superbly prepared, and a refreshing dessert, Sichuanese Ice Jelly.
We should mention that Shu K is now offering a select crab menu during the hairy crab season. And its K Bar serves an extensive range of delightful cocktails and drinks.
Why not indulge yourself with an enlightened and tasty meal that satisfies and explores different parts of your palate? A visit to Shu K makes for a stimulating culinary outing.
Shop 412-413, K11 Musea, 18 Salisbury Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon Hong Kong


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