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OBP “Sool Jip” New Korean Dining Concept

OBP, a quiet Korean bar tucked away down a side entrance off Old Bailey Street in Soho, is a cool F&B concept introduced to Hong Kong by the dining group Westside Hospitality. Specifically, OBP offers Sool-jip, a casual drink-and-eat experience that is popular in Korea, akin to a casual bar with tasty food or a dai pai dong with plentiful drinking.

OBP serves quality Korean drinks such as soju and specialty cocktails, together with appetising snacks and specialty dishes. The décor of the outlet is casual, relaxing and low-key, consistent with its counterparts in Korea and its trendy location.

For drinks, we chose Mak Geol Ee, Dam Un Premium ($180/750 ml), a premium milky rice wine that is naturally fermented and unfiltered.

This premium brand is exclusively supplied to OBP from Korea. The soju, poured into a copper kettle, is smooth and easy to drink, and we drank a lot of it. We also tried a few glasses of Sah Si Tong Eum Ju, ($600/1000 ml) a premium wine originating from the Joseon Dynasty.

For cocktails we tried Dokdo Gimlet ($120), made from green apple shrub and lime juice, and Red Devil 02 ($120), a Campari drink infused with sweet vermouth.

The food is excellent too; a few dishes were new to us. For snacks, Beef Tartare ($168), prepared from wagyu beef tartare, aged soy, fresh pear, dashi jelly and quail egg, is tender and savoury. The Salad ($98) of baby gem lettuce, yuzu dressing, smoked ikura and shallot chips is also refreshing. Honey Butter Corn Ribs ($88) in a homemade honey butter– glaze with parmesan is sweet and tasty, as is Seafood Pancake ($128), comprising prawn, squid, mussel, spring onion house pickles.

We added a main course, a signature dish, Braised Short-Rib ($358) of USDA prime short-rib, house-made soy broth, potatoes, daikon, carrots and pine nuts, which is tender and flavourful, and a fitting end to our session.

OBP offers something unique and trendy in Hong Kong, a happy combo of relaxed drinking and tasty snacks and mains – Korean style. We are confident it will be a success. Give it a try


LG/F, 3-5 Old Bailey Street, Central (Enter via alleyway behind Old Bailey Street) Walk-in only.


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