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Aptly self-described as a hidden neighbourhood gem, Bedu lies in the labyrinth of alleys and streets just west of Soho, above Central. The restaurant, which opened about three years ago, is known for serving Middle Eastern food, inspired by the Bedouins of North Africa, as the name suggests. Bedu’s food is characterised by the use of spices, smoky flavoured dishes from the grill, and its roots in Middle Eastern street fare – in other words, hearty, zesty, appetising food.

We were there to try some of Bedu’s signature dishes. We began with two classic starters, accompanied with Homemade Flatbread ($55), which is light and tasty, and perfect for dipping. The first was Smoky Hummus ($60), a creamy hummus, slightly smoked. Then we tucked into the Honey Baked  Feta ($115) with black pepper–infused honey, which has unique flavour that splendidly brings together its disparate ingredients, to make quite a treat.


For the main, Garlic Prawns ($190), fennel, chilli, lemon is excellent. The prawns are large and succulent, its flavour and aroma accented by the spices used. Rack of Lamb ($210), garlic labneh, za’atar oil is also a treat; the grilled New Zealand lamb bites tender, and the spices work their magic again.


We tired another signature Bedu dish – Charred Broccoli ($120), kale, chilli, zhoug, which is visually appealing, lovingly prepared, and tastes as good as it looks – the broccoli is mixed with the garnishes and charred to a crispy skin – definitely a masterpiece from the chef. Our meal ended with Turkish Kisses ($90) – whipped marshmallow, strawberry, watermelon and dill – a sweet but light smorgasbord of fruity and sweet delights. Bedu also offers a wide selection of exotic Middle Eastern cocktails, mocktails, beers and wines. We went for two: The Princess ($105), strawberry infused Absolute Vodka, blackberry and walnut syrup, lemon juice and The Mellow King ($95), which is vanilla-infused three-year-old rum, roasted marshmallow syrup, espresso, fresh cream and chocolate bitters.


If you are in the mood to reach beyond your usual cuisine choices, Beduis a refreshing option – reasonably priced, excellent food, and value for money.Give it a try

40 Gough Street, Central, Hong Kong



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