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Mama’s Kitchen is best described as labour of love by a diverse community of caring mothers in Hong Kong who hail from various countries across the world, and who contributed their home cooking menus to make dining at Mama’s kitchen a happy dining experience.

The founder of Mama’s Kitchen is Mel Balik, a high-energy, vivacious Filipina entrepreneur who made her career running high-profile F&B outlets in Hong Kong and elsewhere. The concept was conceived during the Covid-19 pandemic when dining out and travelling were restricted, and a group of friends (well, mamas) wanted to be able to get together and share their yummy home-cooking recipes.

Almost 20 mamas contributed to the initial menu, which was subsequently pared down. The restaurant now serves principally Filipino cuisine, augmented with Indonesian, German, Chinese, and Turkish dishes. Still, any of the mamas is available to cook for private events or functions using her special recipes.

Mama’s Kitchen offers a regular menu augmented on weekdays by a set lunch menu ($78 and up) that includes a choice of salad or soup and iced tea and a Filipino Feast ($98) another lunch set with a main course selection and an iced tea.

From the lunch set menu we chose Mie Goreng ($78), the classic Indonesian fried noodles served with chicken, and Sizzling Pork Sisig($128), a popular Filipino dish of chopped pork cubes, sauteed onions, citrus juice & chilli peppers served on a sizzling plate – both taste delicious.

From the Filipino Feast, we chose two popular dishes. Tapsilog, which is beef tapa, garlic, fried rice, and egg, and Lechon Kawali, deep-fried crispy pork belly, served with fried rice and egg. Both are appetising and hit the spot.

To round out the meal our desserts and drinks which include Halo Halo ($68) and Leche Flan ($68), a fruity pudding, Salabat ($40), Filipino-style ginger and lemon tea and Lemongrass & Ginger Tea ($40).

Since its recent opening, Mama’s Kitchen has fast become a gathering place and a source of pride for the large Filipino community in Hong Kong. Equally, its other homemade dishes from other mamas make for a great  lace for any hungry and homesick customers to enjoy a hearty and heartwarming meal. Do give it a try.


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