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Sushi Gold by Sushi Sooshi

There is much to like about Sushi Sooshi, a mid-market sushi restaurant that offers a surprising variety of fresh, quality sushi and sashimi dishes at reasonable prices. Sushi Sooshi operates two outlets: Sushi Sooshi in Tsim Sha Tsui and Sushi Gold by Sushi Sooshi in Central, a slightly pricier outlet and our destination.
Sushi Gold is conveniently located on Wellington Street near the Midlevels Escalator System. Its cosy space is decorated in contemporary style that conveys a neat and clean ambience. An airy kitchen with bar counter dominates the dining space. We were there to try its omakase set, from which there are two to choose: a 15-course set for $798 and an 18-course for $998. We chose the fuller option. Omakase derives from the Japanese phrase omakase shimasu, which means “it’s up to you, chef”. For an omakase meal, the chef employs a variety of cooking methods to prepare the food and then different seasonings tailored for each dish.
We were more than happy to trust the chef . The meal started with Cod Roe, Japanese Ivory Shell, Matsumaezuke (Japanese Pickle) featuring the creamy roe. Striped Jack with Mullet Roe, a traditional dish, is good. Next was Japanese King Prawn, Sawara (Japanese Spanish Mackerel), Saury Rolls, Black Scraper, which was nicely presented and tasted delicious.
The bite-sized Charcoaled-seared Toro was super tender and practically melts in the mouth. This was followed by Shirako Tempura, Oyster with Watershield, Monkfish Liver, and Hokkaido Scallop before we had to take a breather. We wrapped up the meal with Marinated Tuna, Japanese Snapper, Hokkaido Sea Urchin served with Perilla Leaf Tempura, – Sooshi Gold One Bite – Cod Roe Pasta with Spotted Shrimp, Wagyu, Sea Urchin and Caviar Roll and a refreshing Green Tea Panna Cotta for dessert.
We also highly recommend Sushi Gold’s house sake, which is a perfect match for the dishes. Our visit to Sushi Gold was a delightful dining experience and a filling and enjoyable workout for our palates. And the price is excellent for such a quality omakase meal. If you are in the mood for a hearty and no-frills omakase meal that doesn’t bust your wallet, Sushi Gold makes an excellent choice – give it a try.
G/F 148 Wellington Street, Central 

G/F 148 Wellington Street, Central 


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