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Takano Ramen

The popularity of ramen noodles in Hong Kong means there’s a wide choice of outlets. Still, ever since it launched last year in Tsim Sha Tsui, Takano Ramen, which hails from Tokyo, has been well-received, as evidenced by its recent opening of a second branch in Sha Tin. Takano Ramen set up shop in Japan over 25 years ago.

Over the years its husband-and-wife team has earned many accolades, including a Japan Ramen Award, recognition by Le Guide Michelin, and a consistent listing as one of the top ten Ramen spots in Tokyo. While ramen is a simple food – noodles, soup base, and toppings, the making of it requires skill, experience and meticulous care, which is the case at Takano.

Made from a secret recipe using four types of buckwheat flour, the noodle is laboriously hand-pulled to the right consistency. Its broth similarly goes through a long preparation process, as a cascade of ingredients are simmered to the right thickness and richness. All the toppings are made in-house as well, their preparations employing tried-and true-techniques.

Also served at Takano is an excellent range of tsukemen – ramen noodles dipped in a separate bowl of broth before eaten. We started our meal with a few snack items, including Menchi Katsu with Cheese ($72/3 pieces) – wagyu beef balls deep-fried with cheese; Deep-fried Chicken ($52/3 pieces); Jumbo Oyster Cutlet ($78/3 pieces), which was pleasantly juicy; and a snacky Toyama White Shrimp ($58) for good measure.

For the noodles, we had Premium Crab Tsukemen Ramen ($188), in which soft-shelled crab is deep-fried and served with a bowl of ramen and a rich, creamy white broth to dip in. We also ordered the house Takano Soy Sauce Ramen ($128) with sliced pork and egg – the chicken, seafood and pork-bone soup base is rich and flavourful.Takano serves a variety of soft drinks, beers, and sake, including the popular Ramune ($32) from Japan.

Whether you are a diehard ramen lover or just want a hearty bowl of soupy noodle, Takano is worth a visit . Check it out!Takano Ramen


Shop 167, L1, Phase 1, New Town Plaza, Sha Tin, New Territories 


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