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Since its opening, Can Lah at the ifc mall in Central has become a popular choice for down-home, hawker style Singaporean cuisine, albeit in a refined setting. Helmed by well-known Singaporean Chef Francis Chong Wui Choong, with over three decades of culinary experience, including 20 years at the famous Long Beach Seafood Restaurant in Singapore renowned for its black pepper crab, Can Lah offers an authentic Singaporean dining experience, including ingredients and secret sauces imported from Singapore. Can Lah also feature a Chef’s Table Singmakase, a select offering of proprietary dishes created by Chef Chong and served in an exclusive private dining room.
The décor of the restaurant is open and bright, resonating with its contemporary ethic; its centrepiece is the open-air lounge offering panoramic views of Victoria Harbour. The name Can Lah – a popular phrase in Singlish, the local Singaporean English dialect – captures the can-do spirit of the restaurant.
Our meal began with a generously portioned and yummy Malaysian Satay Skewers Platter, Pork, Beef, Chicken ($128), followed by Hand-minced Deep Fried Shrimp Roll ($68). Next came a real treat – Chong’s Signature Crab ($538) with Add-on Butter Toast ($28). The spicy crab is cooked in a Sarawak black pepper and Can Lah’s signature white pepper, lemongrass Kam Heong sauce  and golden salted egg yolk sauce. Another Chef Chong’s specialty dish is Crab Beef Hoon ($598) for which a big, succulent crab is simmered for over eight hours in a milk broth infused with more crab and chicken and served in a clay pot – absolutely yummy. For good measure we also had the Hainanese Chicken ($198/half; $388/ whole) – the chicken is so tender and the rice infused with chicken oil is aromatic and yummy, as is the garnishing.
Our dessert was Coconut Pudding & Mango Sago in Fresh Coconut ($98); drinks we chose include Iced Lemongrass Ginger Water with Grass Jelly ($42), Air Mata Kucing, Iced Buddha’s Fruit, Longan & Dried Winter Melon ($42), and The Tarak (hot/ iced) ($38), a popular local tea drink.
If you are in the mood for authentic and tasty Singaporean down-home food, Can Lah is your go-to option. Give it a try – it’s highly worth it.

Shop 3075, Level 3, ifc Mall, 8 Finance Street, Central, Hong Kong


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