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Chic cafes serving healthy concoctions of specialty coffees and teas, snacks, desserts, and choice entrees are gaining popularity, driven largely by the demand from urban millennials. The newly opened Infiniti C at Harbour City fits the genre to a tee. Located adjacent to the Kid Zone along the Ocean Terminal wing, the airy café exudes a fairly-tale look – a clean and pinkish and blue décor with stylish and comfortable furnishings, sleek-looking tables, chairs and upholstered sofas. 
Infiniti C serves a contemporary health-conscious, gluten free menu which includes, keto specialty coffees with coffee beans from several African countries, light salad and fruit dishes,  cakes and other heathy desserts – a set-up designed to attract the hip, female millennials and their companions. 
For our visit, we tried dishes from across the menu. We tried Homemade Gluten Free Lasagne ($108), the hot, crispy pasta is topped with baked cheese and tasted yummy. A refreshing Homemade Granola Greek Yogurt Bowl with Seasonal Fruit($72) was good, as was Avocado Burger with Crab Meats ($128). 
Infiniti C serves a Pizza for One, a gluten free dish with its base made from cauliflower rather than flour and with choices of different toppings. We chose Cauliflower with Smoked Salmon Pizza ($138) which does offer a distinct flavour and texture different than normal pizzas- but certainly worth trying. 
Infiniti C excels in in cakes which are baked gluten and sugar free, its cake mix made from Japan almond flour. We tried two: Fantasy Rose Strawberry Cake and Supreme Chocolate Flourless Cream ($88/piece) and devoured both, guilt free. 
Another yummy sweet treat we tried was Nice Cream Waffle Sandwich ($88) which is made of keto ice cream – no milk, only cream and added fresh fruit ingredients. For drinks, we chose Chocolate Overlord, garnish with 100% Valrhona chocolate shaved ($62, vegan $68) a hot chocolate drink that is thick and tasty and Seasonal Kombucha ($78) a keto drink (sugar free) mojito fermented with jasmine green tea, fresh mint, lime juice, tonic water, tonic water and stevia.  
Infiniti C offers a Combination Cake Set ($328) which include 3 slices of cake and choices of 2 drinks which makes an excellent choice for a leisurely afternoon tea. 
It’s always good to try out new creative dishes that are tasty, healthy, and nutritious - which Infiniti C manages with aplomb. As a respite from your shopping outing or if you just want to chow down a good meal without feeling guilty, give Infiniti C a visit.
Address: Shop OT G49, Ground Floor, Ocean Terminal, Harbour City, Tsim Sah Tsui, Kowloon


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