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A cosy, modern Korean noodles that touts itself as chef-driven, creating culinary synergy from two accomplished chefs of drastically different backgrounds and pedigrees – that certainly seemed intriguing enough to warrant a prompt visit. 

Joining a long list of delectable eateries in the city’s latest food haven in Sai Yong Pun, DAM:A – Korean for ‘to put in a bowl’, is the product of its two head chefs Waheeb Abrahams and Kevin ‘Ching’ Lam, who bring to bear their respective experience blending Cape Malay, Mediterranean, Chinese, Korean and other culinary skills, showcasing each chef’s talents to experiment with innovative and edgy dishes – another example of the latest fusion trend playing out in Hong Kong. 

The friendly and cosy outlet offers a select menu of noodles, snacks and daily specials. A long bar counter runs beside the open kitchen; while a long row of countertop chairs lined against the wall take up the remaining dining space. The noodles are made locally from a recipe from Chef Lam, who likes the noodles firm when bitten. Other items such as furiyaki and duck egg are house-made, as is the specially made chicken broth for the noodles. 

For noodles and rice dishes, we ordered the signature Sam Gae ($128) a delicious bowl of noodles made with ginseng chicken broth, chicken char-siu, leek, fried garlic, soy egg. The other must-try is the savoury Jeonbok “Juk”($198), abalone risotto, smoked abalone and ricotta croquette. For an extra kick, we had Spicy Chicken ($118) a noodle dish with spicy chicken sauce, furikake, duck egg, which just hits the spot. We also sampled a few shared plates – Dubu Kimchi ($88), which is crispy tofu and kimchi coleslaw; Fried Chicken ($168), spring chicken, butter milk, pickles, kimchi coleslaw and furikake; Short Rib ($188), with soy-onion-marinated smoked short rib, roasted vanilla sunchoke; and Beef Tartare ($138), South African Wagyu lightly flamed and seasoned with spicy soy sauce and cured duck yolk – a real treat. 

DAM:A serves a select collection of sake/soju, highballs and beer including the Moonzen Jade Emperor IPA ($80), a local craft beer.

DAM:A is living proof of what makes Hong Kong such a vibrant dining hub – its passionate and talented chefs. We highly recommend giving it a try. 

Address: G/F, 110 Queen’s Road West, Sai Ying Pun, Hong Kong

Instagram or Facebook: @dama.noodlebaror email: info@damaramen.com 


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