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Playa de Papagayo


Playa de Papagayo is a Spanish restaurant and bar adjacent to the K11 shopping mall, serving hearty comfort food at reasonable prices. It is also an excellent watering hole for those looking for tasty dishes and soothing drinks, in a relaxing and fun atmosphere – and a favourite of ours as well.

Located at street level facing the shopping mall, the restaurant’s open frontage is welcoming – a cosy open dining space with comfortable seating awaits. Papagayo packs an extensive food and drinks menu featuring largely popular Spanish tapas, mains and drinks.

Our meal started with drinks, which include non-alcoholic mocktails. We chose PPQ ($58), a mocktail made with peach, passion fruit, lemon juice and soda, which is refreshing. The sangria is a must-have item, of course. We chose Regular Sangria ($68/glass or $248/jar) with red wines, orange juice and lemonade), which hit the spot. Bourbon Lemon Drop ($68) is made with Bourbon whiskey, mint, lemon juice and sugar and rounded off our drinks. Papagayo offers an attractive Happy Hour for drinks.

We then set about a slew of yummy dishes. For tapas, as lovers of cured meats, Papagayo Assorted Sausage Platter (16-month Serrano Ham, Chotizo, Salamelle) ($158) was delicious as ever. Shrimp in Garlic & Olive Oil ($88) is also zesty and tasty, a nice treat.

Papagayo offers an extensive menu of pasta, grilled and main dishes. We chose the Linguini with Bay Lobster in Lobster Sauce ($198), which you can also choose in risotto. The tender lobster meat and the infused lobster flavour in the linguini keep the tastebuds tingling.

Another must item is the Seafood Paella ($288; for sharing), with an option of the rice in ink sauce. The ultimate comfort food, we never tire of this dish, especially when hungry, and we managed to devour the whole pan of yummy rice.

Another appetising plate is Roasted Suckling Pig Cut with Homemade Sauerkraut & Smashed Potato ($88 or 198 for 1 or 4 pieces respectively). The crispy suckling pig is delicious; the sauerkraut provides a refreshing balance to the palate.

We rounded off our hearty meal with Papagayo’s popular desserts: Honey Tuile with Blueberry Gelato ($65) and Churros w/Chocolate Paste ($78), which scored full marks.

Papagayo is comfort food defined. It’s the ideal venue for a relaxing, fun meal and drinks with friends for any occasion. We highly recommend it.



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