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Restaurant Petrus

Amidst the dizzying diversity that defines Hong Kong’s culinary scene, where waves of new restaurants vie constantly to offer the latest gastronomic razzle-dazzle, it is sometimes reassuring to go back to the tried and true establishments, with reputations that have stood the test of time and whose food quality and service standards are barometers against which others are judged. That certainly is the case with Petrus, the venerable French fine dining outlet which sits atop – physically and figuratively – the Island Shangri-La Hotel at Pacific Place. 
As fine dining goes, the internationally renowned and award-winning restaurant is an institution around town. Its classic French décor oozes luxury, comfort and opulence, it expansiveness certainly matches the spectacular harbour view it commands. Under acclaimed Chef De Cuisine Ricardo Chaneton, Petrus serves modern interpretations of classic French fare with uncompromising attention to excellence in food quality and presentation. And its unmatched wine list is widely recognised as one of the best anywhere, with highly decorated Master Sommelier Yohann Jousselin overseeing a cellar with over 20,000 choice bottles.
Our lunch started with two delicious entrees froides (cold starters): Daniel Sorlut Brittany Oysters, Melon, Shallot Cream and Beef Tartare, Paris Mushroom, Quail Egg and Dijon Mustard. The oyster is fresh with meat that bites with full flavour, the tartare complements well, and both were lovingly savoured. We then sampled a number of warm appetisers: Red Prawn Ravioli, Bisque Sauce and Buckwheat; Crispy Frog Legs, Wild Mushrooms, Clams, Pink Garlic and Yellow Wine Sauce; and Hokkaido Scallops, Salsify, Hazelnuts and Albufera Sauce. The choices offered are discernibly healthy, taking full advantage of Hong Kong’s access to fresh quality 
seafood and other choice ingredients. They all taste excellent, as expected, each allowing the underlying meat flavour to emerge cleanly.
On to the main entrees, for which we picked Lobster, White Onion, Green Spiced Sauce and Coriander; Beef Fillet, Chanterelle and Fava Beans; and French Pork Belly, Grilled Baby Leak and Dijon Bearnaise.The traditional French cooking style comes through winningly in each of these dishes: quality meat, creative side ingredients, understated but rich sauces and thoughtful and aesthetically appealing presentation. These were superb choices all round. 
A trio of desserts and cheese rounded out our leisurely lunch: Chocolate Textures, Pistachio Panna Cotta and Vanilla Ice Cream; Paris Brest, Almond Praline and Pear, and an excellent selection of Artisan Cheeses, for which our preference tends to the more pungent and harder varieties. 
We would be remiss to omit that our lunch was paired with an excellent series of white and red wines chosen by our sommelier. For lunch, Petrus offers a 3-course set for $528 and a 4-course set for $618, both sensibly priced. And its wine paring at $88 per glass (75ml) represents excellent value indeed. 
One of the great pleasures of visiting Hong Kong is being able to enjoy the best of pretty much any cuisine one wishes. We would stack Petrus up against the best French food from anywhere. 
Restaurant Petrus
56/F, Island Shangri-La Hong Kong, Phrase 2,Pacific Place, 88 Queensway, Admiralty
2820 8590
(Edited on 5 Jun 2017)


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