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ZUMA, the internationally acclaimed purveyor of contemporary Japanese cuisine, is a favourite among foodies and party goers alike. Located in The Landmark in the heart of Central, ZUMA, which started in London and now operates ten outlets in some of world’s top cities, occupies two generous floors: the upper one houses the spacious ZUMA Lounge and Bar, which serves a range of Japanese and western drinks including innovative cocktail concoctions, while below is the restaurant itself.
ZUMA’s décor is distinctively modern and hip, in keeping with its fusion-cuisine image, and consistent with how ZUMA has branded itself over the years – a gathering place for the in-crowd for quality Japanese food in a modern setting.
For our lunch, we had the pleasure of trying out a few of ZUMA’s summer special dishes, taking advantage of in-season seafood from Japan and Hong Kong’s ability to source quality ingredients internationally. The dishes are portioned to be shared, as is most of ZUMA’s fare. 
Our meal opened with the Naruo Beef Tataki with winter Tasmania Black Truffles($180) and ZUMA’s signature handroll, the Crispy Avocado, Hokkaido Cheese and Zuma Chile Sauce($95). Each slice of the tender beef is covered with a piece of black truffle, the combination of which creates a most inviting aroma. Needless to say, we ate the beef with gusto, and savoured the lingering aftertaste. The handroll is perfect for the summer – light and zesty, with the cheese and avocado blending together exquisitely. 
The Teriyaki Foie Gras with Sesame and Green Mango Tsukemono($190) were next, the rich flavour of the foie gras nicely balanced by the pickled green mangos. We then tried the Grilled Spanish Red Prawn with Yuzu Kosho Powder($390). The prawn is impressively large and its meat grilled just enough to keep the meat tender and juicy; this is a dish not to be missed.
Two more fish dishes followed: Grilled Japanese Snapper with Habu Salad and Okinawa salt($240) and the highly popular Miso Marinated Black Cod wrapped in Hoba Leaves($285). Dubbed the king of fish, the Japanese snapper is highly prized, especially caught in the nutrient rich Toyama Bay area. Lightly grilled, the texture of the meat is tender but delicately firm, and fresh, with the salad a good complement to balance out the flavours. The cod, as expected, tastes so smooth and tender, its meat practically melting in the mouth. We also enjoyed its simple but tasty seasoning. 
We completed our meal and called it a day with two desserts: Japanese Sesame White Poached Peach, Iced White Chocolate with Buckwheat Biscuit and Wild Strawberries($138) and Warm Centred Coconut Cake, Okinawa Potato Mocha with Purple Ice Cream, Rice Cracker and Lychee Sorbet ($138). Both are summer delights in the truest sense and a fitting end to our meal.
It is understandable why ZUMA has been an iconic fixture in Hong Kong’s dining scene with its brand and reputation. In the end though, the quality Japanese dishes speak for themselves, and loudly.
Landmark Levels 5 and 6,
15 Queens Road Central, Central, Hong Kong
3657 6388
(Edited on 2 Aug 2017)


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