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Angelini, one of the fnest Italian restaurants in the city, is our choice for a wine-paired dinner. Given our affinity for Italian dining, most of the time accompanied by wines anyway, it’s an easy choice. The restaurant, located on the third floor of the Kowloon Shangri-la Hotel, commands an intimate view of Victoria Harbour. As expected of a Shangri-la restaurant, Angelini is elegantly and stylishly decorated, its modern décor offering an upscale yet relaxed setting for a leisurely meal.

Angelini’s cuisine is primarily Italian Piedmont from northwest Italy, home of Fiat and Ferrari, and of course, one of the country’s foremost wine regions. Piedmont cuisine, while thoroughly Italian, is noted for its creamy flavours and elegant presentation.

We tried Angelini’s tasting menu, starting with a choice of two tartares: Tonno Tartare Tuna tartare, Mediterranean flavours and Arma di Taggia olive powder, and Carne Cruda Di Fassona –Fassona beef tartare, slow-cooked egg, panzanella Tuscan salad, asparagus. The paired wine is Yellow Label Veuve Clicquot Champagne, a predominantly Pinot Noir–blended non-vintage Champagne with complex aroma and depth of fruit flavours. Each tartare has a different texture and seasoning, but both are equally appetising – hard to choose between the two, and both flavours helped by the Champagne with its balance of power and fineness.

The Chitarra Al Tartufo, homemade chitarra pasta, black truffle, Apennines pecorino cheese sauce is next. While the pasta, similar to linguini, is delicious, it is the aroma and flavour of the black truffle that takes centre stage. As an ensemble, the cheese, truffle and pasta is a delightful concoction that tantalises our palate. The accompanying wine is a fne 2012 ‘Curtefranca’ Ca' Del Bosco Chardonnay from Lombardy in northern Italy, which competently matches the dish.

For the entrée, there is a choice of Rombo E Carciofi, Turbot fillet, saffron potato, artichokes, chickpea cream, and Vitello Rosa, pink veal tenderloin, anchovy bread powder, eggs, mustard compote, vegetable cream. The fish fllet is tender and frm, and the sauce offers a nice creamy flavour. The texture of the veal is different than usual, as the combined bread powder, eggs, and mustard compote tenderises the meat nicely, providing a grainy texture. The meat is tender, just the same. As expected a red wine is paired, a 2012 Elio Altare Barolo from Piedmont. The famed Barolo wine needs no introduction and is reassuringly excellent, its Nebbiolo grape known for its strong tannins, high acidity and strong scent. The Barolo rightfully deserves its lofty reputation as a premier wine of Italy.

For after-dinner treats, we have Formaggi Italiani, a selection of Italian organic cheeses, Cocco E Tapioca, coconut and tapioca soup, caramelised bananas, espresso ice-cream, Piedmont hazelnut chocolate.

It would be remiss not to mention the excellent and attentive service we received, as we were thoroughly impressed by the staff’s knowledge of both food and wine.

The tasting dinner is priced at $748 (four-course menu including dessert), $880 (fve-course dinner including dessert), and $950 (six-course dessert including cheese and desserts). Wines are not included.

Treat yourself to a most enjoyable experience of fine Italian dining at Angelini with your friends and loved ones!



Mezzanine Floor, Kowloon Shangri-La Hotel, 64 Mody Road, Tsim Sha Tsui

2733 8750



(Edited on 30 Sep 2017)


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