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As ardent seafood lovers, a new Japanese fish market would always pique our interest with the delightful thought of large selections of fresh seafood prepared on-site by expert chefs. So, we were excited with an opportunity to visit Nine Seafood Place, a newly opened Japanese fish market located in Whampoa, which is destined to be a new gastronomical gathering place. Our restaurant of choice there is Kaniyen, a trendy Japanese restaurant specializing in live crabs flown in 5 times a week from Japan and North Pacific, plus fresh Japanese sea urchin. Our feature meal is the Seasonal Sea Urchin and Crab Set, and we were psyched.

The restaurant is smartly decorated in contemporary Japanese style and features a main dining room, a bar and a few private rooms. Its welcoming and open ambiance is in keeping with that of Nine Seafood Place. Our meal started in earnest with a tasty appetiser, Taraba Crab Meat and Sawagani in Vinegared Miso. Taraba crab is Japanese King Crab, quite similar to the Alaskan King Crab which means it is big, meaty and tasty!

Taraba Crab Leg and Sea Urchin Sashimi was next. We were impressed with the large portion of sea urchin served and its fresh, sweet taste. Equally impressive is the succulent meat of the crab leg which looks so inviting and mouth-watering- we are in for a treat! The combination of crab and sea urchin seems to work well, so why not a repeat? And so it is, as Grilled Crab Taraba Crab with Sea Urchin was served. A dab of sea urchin covers the crab leg and then lightly grilled, the salt seasoning helps to accent the fresh taste of the meat.

More crabs were to come: Steamed Horsehair Crab was next. We were each served with a whole horsehair crab, which is a bit similar to Chinese Hairy Crab but not as yolky. It tastes delicious all the same, with plenty of yellow egg and crab meat to chew on.

For a change of pace, Taraba Crab and Sea Urchin Tempura was served. The tempura is superbly prepared, the batter is light but crispy and the meat tastes tender.

The finale was yet to come. The Taraba Crab Shabu Shabu served with Vegetables was next, prepared and served at the table. The crab legs are large, as King Crabs are wont to be, and our portion is generous. The soup base is nicely flavoured; its flavour becoming more aromatic and rich as the crabs and vegetables were dipped in the soup.


After the food was consumed the soup base was used to prepare our final dish, Japanese Porridge with Sea Urchin, the porridge simmers slowly in the soup which together with the sea urchin produces a creamy golden porridge that begs to be consumed.


We rounded out our sumptuous meal with a Japanese Fruity Sorbet which just hits the spot.


At $1,480 per person, the special set represents great value for money considering the amount of quality king crab and sea urchin we had.


Be sure to give Kaniyen a visit and while you are there explore the Nine Seafood Place for a worthwhile trip to Whampoa!




Shop 8, Nine Seafood Place, G/F, Site 9, Wonderful Worlds of Whampoa, 8 Tak Fung Street, Hung Hom

2122 6788



(Edited on 5 Jan 2018)


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