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Chic and cool are the words that came to mind when Foxglove, a bar and restaurant outlet in Central that has been the talk of the town among foodies, cocktail connoisseurs, bar hoppers, and jazz lovers alike, was to be our destination for our never-ending culinary quest.

Touted as a sophisticated speakeasy hidden behind an umbrella storefront, Foxglove’s décor theme - that of an airplane cabin interior, is inspired by an age when air travel was still seen as glamorous adventure. The whole set-up harkens back to the golden era of fancy cocktails, soothing jazz music and suave conversations, and the
ambiance is, well, chic and cool.


Foxglove serves continental cuisine. While the food is what we came here for, it’s the many creative cocktail concoctions that have become its calling card – something that we just couldn’t resist.

The cocktails we chose were New York Sour (Michter’s Bourbon, lemon, sugar, pasteurized egg white, claret, $140 ) and Jasmine Paloma (Don Julio Blanco, Elderflower Liqueur, Jasmine Syrup, lime juice, grapefruit tonic, salt, $140). The drinks taste refreshing and are a pleasant way to start our meal.

Quinoa Pomegranate Salad ($108) is served; the salad is garnished with pomelo, radish, fennel, watercress, walnut dressing. It looks wholesome and tastes light and sweet – a healthy start indeed.

The Ginger Shrimp Ravioli ($168) is next. The pasta is filled with fresh shrimp, garnished with ginger, Chinese coriander, and cooked in reduced lobster red wine for a richly flavoured and succulent dish.

Two main courses were shared: Te Mana Lamb Rump ($280), prepared in green pea puree and lamb gravy, and Pan-fried King Salmon, a New Zealand King Salmon ($220) with creamy kale, potato gnocchi, in a lemon butter dill sauce. The highly acclaimed Te Mana lamb, New Zealand’s finest, lives up to its billing, as each bite of the meat is succulent and juicy and was eagerly consumed. The King salmon is nicely done too, the fish pan-fried just enough to keep the meat moist and tender to the bite. A plate of Parmesan Fries ($108) accompanied the mains, and the aged parmesan helps provide an extra zesty flavour that we enjoyed – definitely a house specialty.

We rounded off our meal with Lemon & Chocolate Tart ($80), a two-piece combo of Gianduja chocolate and almond crumble tart and Earl Grey Tart ($80) which is Earl Grey Tea, orange jam and lemon crumble tart. We liked the unusual combination of ingredients as they make for a good complement to the dishes consumed.

As our dinner was finished, Foxglove was still teeming with new dining guests arriving, some to get a late evening bite with their drinks, while others were settling in for some serious cocktail tasting. Make no mistake, this is one of Central’s hottest gathering places for the hip and sophisticated business crowd.

Whether you are a pairs or with a larger group, Foxglove is the perfect place for an evening of drinks and good food, to the tune of soothing music. Don’t miss it.




2/F, Printing House, 6 Duddell Street, Central
2116 8949


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