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Nanhai No.1

Nanhai No.1, located on the top floor of iSQUARE in Tsim Sha Tsui and with a commanding view of Victoria Harbour, is a favourite dining hotspot for both locals and visitors. Operated by Elite Concepts, a restaurant group specialising in contemporary and themed high-end dining, the restaurant serves a broad variety of quality Chinese cuisines. The setting is spacious, contemporary and comfortable. The high ceiling creates an airy ambience, helped by the bright skyline that surrounds the restaurant. The iconic Eyebar, located in the same premises and where guests can enjoy the stunning harbour view from its open-air terrace, further cements the restaurant’s status as a much sought-after dining destination.

The restaurant is one of our standout favourites whenever we are in the mood for quality Chinese food, good company, relaxed environment, and something from this excellent wine selection to complement our dishes. Nanhai No.1 has a sommelier who is well-briefed on picking just the right wines to go with Chinese food, something that has gained tremendous popularity in recent years and for which Nanhai No.1, has gained a reputation, in addition to its gourmet seafood cuisine.

Our seafood lunch started with King Prawn served in Bang Sauce (with fried mantou) ($118 per piece). The meat of the prawn is succulent, and the tangy sauce adds just that delightful bite to the flavour; the mantou (Chinese bread) helps to soak up the sauce. Next came the Jasmine tea smoked chicken ($240/half), one of the signature dishes. The key to this dish is to make sure that the skin of the baked chicken is crispy and crunchy, while the meat remains moist and tender, an outcome that is easier to describe than to achieve. The tea smoking adds a nice twist to the flavour.

The highly anticipated Deep fried spotted garoupa with crispy lemon grass ($568 for 600g) is next. As any seafood aficionado will attest, garoupa caught in the deep sea are highly prized, with prices to match. There are good reasons for their popularity. Properly prepared, the fish fillet tastes tender but firm, each bite of the meat gives just that little bounce. For our dish, the spotted garoupa tastes delicious, thanks to deep frying the fish just enough to preserve the meat’s savoury flavour and tenderness, while being able to enjoy the crispy deepfried skin and bones. This fish was quickly consumed.

More treats await. Stir-fried chili prawns accompanied with crispy bean curd rolls ($218) is mildly spicy and sweet, and tasty, the meat tender and firm. The bean curd rolls help to balance the palate nicely. The final dish, Crispy and steamed rice served in lobster sauce ( $208) was a pleasant surprise. We really liked how the flavour of the rich lobster nice was absorbed by the crispy rice, and the vegetable condiments add the right amount of texture and taste.

Two Chinese desserts completed a most satisfying meal.

If you are looking for a memorable gourmet meal in a fabulous setting, Nanhai No.1 is a top choice.



Nanhai No.1

30/F, iSQUARE, 63 Nathan Road, Tsim Sha Tsui

2487 3688



(Edited on 9 Apr 2018)



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