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How would you like to enjoy an elegant dinner while immersed in the nostalgia of Hong Kong’s golden era? If so, welcome to Le Scene De Junon, a high-end French restaurant that resurrects the 1970s when fine dining was a grand occasion to be savoured.

The original Junon opened in 1967 in Mongkok and quickly became a fashionable social gathering place. Time moved on and so did Hong Kong, and the restaurant eventually closed down, but its grandeur was not forgotten. Junon has recently been resurrected, at a new location in Wanchai, another older neighbourhood that’s undergone substantial rejuvenation.


Junon is divided into two sections: Le Scene De Junon – for French fine dining, the Bistro Junon – serving more casual fare, with an expansive bar in the centre. Le Scene Du Junon was our destination, and upon entrance, we were transported to European grandeur of earlier times: plush carpets, Baroque and Louis XVI style furniture and deep cushioned booths. A stage offers music entertainment, headlined by a local chanteuse, plus a French singer, both performing classic songs. We especially enjoyed the Hong Kong singer’s skilful rendition of a medley of English and Chinese oldies accompanied by a photo album of mid-20thcentury Hong Kong.

The food was excellent too. Junon offers a selection of tasting dinner menus at varying prices; the menu items are changed frequently to follow the seasons. Our tasting menu, which was priced at $1,388 per person, started with the Amuse Bouche, and then moved along with Lobster Bisque, Sweet Onion Ravioli and Confit Lemon, a delicious, richly flavoured soup and tasty ravioli. Next was Macaroni Stuffed with Black Truffle and Foie Gras, another dish whose distinct aroma caught our attention immediately.

Our entrée was French Poultry “Sot L’y Laisee”, Creamy Mushroom Fricassee with Truffle. The chicken portion, chosen from near the chicken rump, is cooked in a rich mushroom sauce and served with truffles.

The dinner ended with pre-dessert, followed by Caremelized Apple Tourbillion with Magadascar Vanilla Ice Cream – a most delightful and surprisingly light dessert, plus petite fours.

Between old-time melodies, nostalgic photos and superb food, the time passed quickly for our leisurely meal, and was a memorable experience indeed.

Whether it’s a special occasion with loved ones or you just want to capture a piece of old Hong Kong, Junon is well worth a visit. We highly recommend it.



2/F Wu Chung House, 213 Queen’s Road Central, Wanchai
2808 0882




(Edited on 9 May 2018)


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