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An Omakase Japanese dinner engagement always generates pleasant anticipation. The thought of a well-honed sushi chef lovingly creating artistic like pieces of sushi, right in front of the dining guests evokes one of the more pleasant feelings in dining. So, naturally, we looked forward to our dinner at Sushi Sase, a neat, cosy Japanese restaurant tucked away on a quiet street in Central.


Named after its head chef, Sushi Café draws on Chef Sase’s belief that simplicity is the highest form of culinary mastery. It does so by sourcing fresh ingredients daily from Hokkaido and delivering the food artfully and simply.


The décor of Sushi Sase is traditionally Japanese - elegant, simple and aesthetically pleasing. The sushi bar sits 16 guests, and a private room provides space for twelve more.


We chose the Aoi Chef Omakase Course ($1,600 per person), essentially the full couse. You can also choose a 15-piece sushi Sakura Omakase oCurse for $1,380 per person. Serving us that evening was Hirano Miki, a lady sushi chef from Japan who’s been in Hong Kong for nine years and  apprenticed under Chef Sase in Hokkaido.


It didn’t take long for us to figure out Sushi Sase’s philosophy: quality, fresh seafood and fish, each piece simply prepared but individually tailored, especially with respect to seasoning and sauce. Rather than just wasabi and soy sauce, each piece is thoughtfully paired with subtle seasoning aimed to accent the flavour of each piece.


We started the meal with a starter Rape Blossom with Kelp, Jelly with White Fish, Japanese Anchovy, with a side dish of Miso Vinaigrette with Yuzu, followed by a tasty, delicately tender Fried, Whitebait Fish. A parade of sashimi dishes came next: Flounder Sashimi Wrap with Spciy Daikon and Spring Onion with Pozu Vinaigrette Sauces; Hokkaido Hairy Crab with Crab Miso which taste sweet and refreshing, Marinated Spanish Mackerel Sashimi, Jack Mackerel little handroll, Marinated Monk Fish Liver with Yuzu, Marinated Hokkaido King Salmon with garlic oil and spring onion soy sauces, Wild Caught Medium Fatty Tuna and Squid head with roe. Each piece is small in portion but they add up after a while. Sampling the different fresh fish skilfully prepared was a real treat.

We continued our meal. A Cooked Shrimp Cake with seaweed and bamboo, sansho pepper leaf was followed with sushi items that include Cuttlefish Sushi, Horse Mackerel Sushi (Pickled rice and onion), Seared Bonito Sushi, the delicious Hokkaido Sea Urchin Sushi, generously portioned, Hokkaido Salmon Roe Sushi, Baby Snapper Sushi, Otoro Sushi (garlic and Daikon), and Sea Eel Sushi.

We ended our meal with Roast Egg with Shrimp, Clams Broth and for desserts Green tea Panna Cotta with Yuzu Ice Cream. All of us were fully sated and happy.

There is something comforting about being served, passively but full of expectant pleasant surprises. Our dinner at Sushi Sase was chock of delightful surprises, and considering the amount of quality seafood we consumed, its price is eminently reasonable. Give Sushi Sase a try if you are in a mood for an exquisite Omakase meal.


Shop G1, G/F Baskerville House, 22 Ice House Street, Central, Hong Kong

Telephone: 2815 0455


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