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Victoria City Restaurant

Victoria City Restaurant has been a culinary institution since it was established in the 1980s, and is best known for its exquisitely prepared dim sum, quality seafood, and refined Cantonese dishes. Through the years, the restaurant has garnered numerous local and international awards, becoming a well-known gathering place for celebrities of all stripes as well as attracting discerning gourmet tourists from abroad.

To keep abreast, Victoria City Restaurant recently underwent an extensive renovation and repositioning, introducing an array of new Cantonese cuisine that not only caters to its loyal clientele, but also appeals to the younger, affluent generation of discerning foodies and diners. The restaurant adopts a retro-chic look while retaining its spacious setup and 180-degree view of the harbour. In addition to introducing innovative dishes that make use of quality ingredients from all over the world, notable changes including greater emphasis on presentation or camera-toting diners, availability of singleportion dishes, and providing a more bespoke dining experience.

We were there to sample the new tasting menu. But we couldn’t resist a little of its famous dim sum first, which was not included. The three chosen were Deep-fried Taro Puff with Foie Gras ($55), Steamed Minced Pork Dumplings ($48) and Shrimp Dumpling with Assorted Vegetables ($48). Dim sum is served only at lunchtime. If you are in the mood, the dim sum here stacks up against any in town.

On to the tasting menu. We began with an appetiser combination of Char-gr i l led Dried Pufferfish ($128), the lightly char-grilled pufferfish coated in secret seasoning, and Deep-fried Rice Crackers with Salted Egg Yolk ($98). A fine slowboiled soup is obligatory in any refined Cantonese meal, and ours was the Supreme Soup with Conch and Ginseng ($208/head) which was flavourful and savoury.

A trio of seafood dishes came next. The first was Sea Garoupa and Radish in Supreme Soup ($220/ head) in which fresh garoupa is cooked with daikons in a rich stock. Then came the Braised Supreme Trio (South African Abalone (6 heads), Goose Feet and Chinese Mushroom ($268/head), an always highlyprized delicacy. Last was Deep-fried Prawn with Wasabi and Mango Aioli ($248/head) – the fruit and prawn combining for a juicy and zesty bite.

We kept going. Two meat dishes were served: Slow-cooked Beef Ribs in Red Wine Sauce ($108/ head) in which the beef ribs are fried to golden and slow-cooked with red wine, and Roasted Crispy Chicken ($220/half portion) – this original recipe calls the chicken to be coated in egg-white and left to air overnight before being infused with special seasoning and bathed in boiling oil. The gourmet meal ends with a light dessert, Braised Pear with Dried Tangerine Peel and Peach Resin ($68/head), which was fitting.

The tasting menu we sampled is priced at $1323 per person, or you can order the dishes individually as priced.

When it comes to the finest Cantonese fining dining, Victoria City Restaurant continues to set a high bar. You should give it a try.


Shop 501, 5/F, Citic Tower, 1 Tim Mei Avenue, Admiralty, Hong Kong
2877 2211


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