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MeokBang Korean BBQ & Bar

MeokBang Korean BBQ & Bar is possibly the largest Korean restaurant chain in Hong Kong, with around 16 outlets operating
across the city. The restaurant, which opened its first outlet in 2014, specialises in Korean BBQ; its signature offering is premium Hanwoo beef imported from Korea.
The term “meokbang” refers to a gathering place where friends enjoy food and drink. MeokBang aims to deliver exactly that authentic Korean BBQ experience, with a wide offering of food and drink items. This summer, MeokBang is promoting a Hanwoo Beef BBQ menu, which we went along to sample.
We chose MeokBang’s outlet in MegaBox, a thriving regional shopping mall in Kowloon Bay. The spacious outlet is smart, bright, and contemporarily decorated; the built-in partitioning helps create intimate private dining spaces.
Our visit was all about the Hanwoo beef, with 'Hanwoo' the breed of Korean cattle from which this much prized beef comes. Thanks to its purchasing scale, MeokBang is able to import 1++ grade Hanwoo beef, the top grading, for its BBQ selections, and at excellent prices.
The promotion offered by MeokBang is called “Lychee & Friends x Hanwoo – Summer Cool Set” ($638), with sufficient food for two people. The set features eight cuts of Hanwoo beef, including Hanwoo Sirloin, Rib Finger with Garlic & Onion, Ox Tongue with Chili & Onion Sauce, Hanwoo Brisket, Chuck Tail Flap Platter with BBQ Sauce, Wagyu Beef Tenderloin, and Korean Ox Tongue. The set also includes a large bowl of refreshingly light Lemon Korean Cold Noodles.
Each table features a Korean-style BBQ grill with a ventilation hood. We particularly appreciate this design, which allows two Korean side dishes – an egg dish and a cheese dish to be simmered and cooked along the rim of the grill. The grill also offers an extra space to keep the grilled items warm – an attentive touch. The meal comes with various side dishes such as kimchi, radish and bean sprouts.
Hanwoo beef is less marbled than Wagyu beef but has a stronger flavour. It therefore takes slightly longer to cook on the grill, but it is still best not to overcook the tender meat. For beef lovers, being able to taste and indulge in the various cuts of beef in bite-sized juicy chunks is a real pleasure.
We consumed our special beef set at a good pace. For good measure, we also ordered a combo MeokBang Prime Spare ($238) which is excellent. The beef ribs are nicely marinated in its secret sauce. Also, since Korean fried chicken is currently all the rage, we also ordered MeokBang Fried Chicken with French Fries ($168/full portion), which tastes as good as advertised.
For BBQ diehards, MeokBang offers a premium mixed meat set called Great Meat Set of King's Demeanor ($895) that includes Hanwoo beef, Iberico pork belly, lobster, Korean eel, and seafood pancake. And for value- conscious customers, the restaurant serves up afternoon tea sets from just $28 – a stellar bargain.
Dining at MeokBang BBQ Restaurant & Bar is a relaxed and hearty experience. If you are in the mood for a fun BBQ outing featuring quality meats, you should give MeokBang a try.■
Shop 21, G/F, MegaBox, Enterprise Square 5, 38 Wang Chiu Road, Kowloon Bay, Kowloon
3665 8228


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