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A Chrysanthemum Tang Reunion

In Hong Kong’s fluid and competitive dining landscape, top-tier restaurants are constantly on the lookout for that extra wrinkle to lure customers to their premises. Cross-branding with non-food products offers a multitude of enticing possibilities. Thus, when offered the chance to try out a specially curated thematic dinner, “Chrysanthemum Quintet”, in a collaboration between China Tang and Shanghai Tang, we jumped straight in.
First, a bit of nostalgia. As you are likely aware, the two brands share a common lineage: both China Tang – one of the city's finest Chinese restaurants, and Shanghai Tang – a Chinese fashion powerhouse, were conceived and created by the late entrepreneur Sir David Tang. Of course, Sir David was known for his flair for the opulent touch. So a reunion of the two venerable brands was bound to produce something special.
This autumn, Shanghai Tang unveils its Shanghai Tang Chrysanthemum Fragrance Collection, inspired by the beauty and fragrance of swathes of purple and yellow chrysanthemum blooms on the mountainsides. The collection includes scented candles, scented diffusers and room spray.
The five-course special menu created by Executive Chef Menex Cheung, featuring chrysanthemum as its star ingredient, is available until 8 November. Each dish is infused with a distinct aspect of the chrysanthemum fragrance, to explore all that this deep and much-loved scent has to offer.
We started with the appetiser – Chilled Noodle, Seafood, Sesame Sauce, Chrysanthemum in which four-coloured noodles are cooked in chrysanthemum-steeped floral water and chilled, then served with seafood and sesame sauce on a bed of chrysanthemum petals. The light fragrant scent of chrysanthemum is distinctive when opening the plate cover; the cold noodle is refreshing and tasty.
A subtly delicious soup, Double-boiled Consommé, Bean Curd, Chinese Cabbage, was next. The chicken- based consommé was extracted from floral water from steeping dried chrysanthemum and double-boiled with baby Chinese cabbage and a meticulously cut chrysanthemum-shaped silken bean curd.
Two meat dishes ensued. First came Wok-fried Saga Wagyu Beef, Deep-fried Whole Chrysanthemum, in which the diced and wok-fried beef is presented on top of a deep-fried chrysanthemum. The succulent beef infused with chrysanthemum scent tasted heavenly. We enjoyed a lovely Burgundy, the 2017 René Bouvier Marsannay Les Longeroies, to complement the beef.
Sesame Chicken, Seafood Paste, Quinoa, Chrysanthemum was also a treat. Boneless local Huxu chicken is stuffed with a seafood paste mixed with cuttlefish, shrimp, fresh chrysanthemum, Chinese celery and water chestnuts and steamed and cut into pieces, then drizzled with Korean chrysanthemum wine and a special chrysanthemum sauce. The tender chicken is absolutely delicious.
For desserts, we enjoyed a photogenic Chilled Chrysanthemum Tea Pudding, Imperial Bird’s Nest. The pudding’s tea flavour is distinctive. The bird’s nest infused with chrysanthemum tea is then poured over the pudding to create a visual masterpiece.
The Chrysanthemum Quintet (HK$1288) proved to be an exquisitely delightful meal. As part of the promotion, guests who order the special menu will receive a voucher for Ginger Flower, Bamboo or Chrysanthemum Room Spray (valued at HK$380) at Shanghai Tang; Shanghai Tang customers with net spend above HK$1,200 receive a 20% discount voucher when ordering the Chrysanthemum Quintet.
If you are looking for a special meal for a special occasion, be sure to give China Tang and its special menu a try.
China Tang 
Shop 411-413, 4/F Landmark Atrium, 15 Queen’s Road Central, Central, Hong Kong 
2522 2148


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