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Sha Tin 18

Tucked away in Sha Tin, adjacent to the Chinese University of Hong Kong, is Sha Tin 18, a popular Chinese restaurant located at the
Hyatt Regency Hotel. The spacious establishment, which serves both Cantonese and northern Chinese cuisines, is known for its show kitchen set-up and its large terrace, which is perfect for casual outdoor dining.
On the theme of “dining in the kitchen”, the restaurant features four show kitchens, each offering an authentic specialty, ranging from noodles to barbecue, and dumplings to dim sum, plus specialty regional dishes from China. Besides the large main dining room, Shatin 18 offers five private dining rooms that seat from six to 36 guests, ideal for business or social gatherings.
The décor of Shatin 18 – the work of Steve Leung, a well-known local designer – is contemporary but with traditional elements. The ambience is casual, smart, and relaxed; the outdoor terrace is inviting, especially on these cooler autumn days.
We were there to sample some of Shatin 18's signature dishes, including its Peking duck and its barbecue pork with rice. We got started right away with Traditional Peking Duck ($848/whole for three courses). The duck is carved expertly tableside and served. The First Course ($628/whole; $398/half) is the traditional main course – Carved Skin, Breast, Leg Meat with Skin, Cucumber, Leek, Soya Bean Paste, Pancakes. The meat is tender, and the skin practically melts in the mouth. The Second Course ($168/whole; $128/half) is Wok-fried Minced Duck, Iceberg Lettuce, and the Third Course ($68/person) is Duck Soup, Cabbage, Beancurd – all delicious.
We then had Stir-fried Prawns, Crispy Fish Skin, Salted Egg Yolk Paste ($368); the prawn is succulent, and the egg yolk paste is an inspired match. The next two dishes were: Stir-fried Cod, Spring Onion, Wild Mushroom Paste ($398) and Tossed Mustard Greens, Beancurd Sheet, Shallots ($178).
With the meal in full flow, we tucked into Flambé Rose Wine Barbecued Pork, Lard Rice ($98/per person), a longstanding local favourite, but with a modern twist. The tender roast pork is flamed at the table as a final touch. Then the succulent meat is sliced and placed atop a steaming bowl of rice. You then flavour it by adding the lard and aged soy sauce. Do not be put off by the lard – it is clean and carefully prepared by the kitchen staff. This dish needs to be ordered a day in advance and is available for private room booking for a minimum of six persons.
We finished this delightful meal with four desserts: Chinese Preserved Beancurd Cheese Cake ($65), Red Date Madeleine, Grand Marnier Custard Sauce ($65), Chinese Wine Chocolate Ice Cream ($45/ scoop) and Hua Diao, Preserved Plum Sherbet ($42/ scoop) – all a bit different, all good!
Our meal at Sha Tin 18 was highly enjoyable and appetising. You may call it high-end comfort food, but for us it is just a good old-fashioned delicious Chinese fare in a most pleasant setting. We enjoyed it and we highly recommend that you give it a try as well.■
4/F, Hyatt Regency Hong Kong Sha Tin, 18 Chak Cheung Street, Sha Tin 


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