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Are you intrigued to try a novel twist on one of the city’s most popular culinary genres? We certainly were when the opportunity arose to dine at the newly opened Victorian Era, a high-end hotpot specialty restaurant whose name harks back to a bygone age. Since hotpot restaurants are “a dime a dozen” in Hong Kong, it can be quite a challenge for a new hotpot restaurant to stand out, especially in Jordan, one of the city’s most vibrant food districts, crowded with outlets of all cuisines.

Imagine our surprise when we entered Victorian Era, a large, spacious outlet with rather striking décor. The design theme of the restaurant pays tribute not to the venerable British queen, but rather to the 1950s, when Hong Kong was rapidly transforming into an entrepot, a manufacturing hub, and an East-meet-West cultural melting pot, thanks to the influx of people, capital and know-how from mainland China. The brightly lit restaurant is decorated with artefacts from the 1950s, evoking the nostalgia and glamour of yesteryear. One room is adorned with mirrors and set aside as an Instagram spot, and customers were lined up to snap photos galore. Not your typical hotpot outlet, that’s for sure.

Victorian Era specialises in innovative high-end hotpot offerings, sharply presented. The restaurant sources quality ingredients from around the world – meats, seafood, mushrooms, vegetables and specially concocted soup bases for the hot pot.

Choosing the right soup base is important. Victorian Era’s signature soup base is the Milk Soup with Rose Buds ($168) which uses Japanese Hokkaido milk mixed with Japanese rosebuds. Other bases are Sichuan Spicy Soup ($98), Thai-style Seafood Tom Yum Soup ($198), House Satay Soup ($98), Century Egg and Coriander Soup ($98), and Dou Hot Pot Soup ($118).

The restaurant offers an extensive menu of seafood hotpot items, several types of beef, Iberico pork, Australian lamb and farm cage-free chicken. There is also a large complement of beef and seafood balls, dumplings, mushrooms and fresh vegetables for sides.

We chose the signature Hong Kong Platter ($788), which is an all-beef combo served on a large, ornate dish with the meats were placed on a round tray along the perimeter. The beef items include hand cut beef slices, beef cubes, U.S. Angus beef, beef shin, bovine sternum cartilage, bovine pericardium, black beef tripe and beef tongue – there is a lot of bovid there, for sure. The beef items come in various textures and flavours and are perfect for hearty eaters.

We augmented the beef platter with other ingredients, including Japanese Pearl Oysters ($78), Sliced Boneless Grass Carp Belly ($88), Trio Dumplings ($88), House Trio Cuttlefish Balls ($78), Nuts and Cuttlefish Paste Stuffed Chinese Donut ($78), and Watercress ($38) – a quite sumptuous meal, indeed! There is also an extensive collection of cocktails, wines, Japanese sakes, beers, teas and others to go with the hot pot.

Victorian Era offers a most interesting combination of visual and gastronomic treats – excellent food, striking décor, and a relaxed and friendly ambience.

It is detained to make its mark in the city’s dining scene. So, if you are planning a fun and happy hotpot gathering with friends, give it a try! ■

2/F, 35 Jordan Road, Kowloon
2736 8368


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