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Since its opening in 2014, Table, under owner-chef and former investment banker Sandy Keung, has received numerous accolades. From the outset, Table staked out a unique proposition: creating innovative dishes from environmentally clean and quality ingredients, employing a variety of cooking styles and cuisines inspired by the ingredients themselves – ingredient-driven cooking, if you will. 
Table was the first and remains the only restaurant in the city to use a specialty depurated tank for fresh seafood to help properly cleanse the wastes that accumulate during transit from its source, ensuring the seafood has a fresher taste. Hence, we jumped at the chance to visit Table again to try out its Signature Series Set Menu. 
Table’s 3000-square-foot premises are comforting and elegant – the décor of varnished floors, plush chairs and table-clothed furniture is enhanced by a nice collection of paintings of cats adorning its walls. Another constant is Sandy’s passion and commitment to deliver clean, healthy and tasty food to discerning customers.
 Evident over our several visits here is this self-taught chef’s constant striving to grow her experience, expanding the range of ingredients, dishes and cooking styles, which now includes elements of the Cantonese cuisine as well. For our Omakase or Signature Series Menu ($1,200 and up per person), we were treated to some of Sandy’s latest innovations along with several signature dishes. 
After a refreshing amuse bouche, we tucked into Mediterranean Blue Fin Tuna Belly, Applewood Smoke, Preserved Lemon Akami, Puttanesca, Water Melon – the prized blue fin tuna tastes so tender, its flavour nicely accented by the distinctively aromatic applewood smoke. Next came Hokkaido Uni, Grilled Scamorza Brioche, 24-month Comte, Beef Jus – the golden brown uni topped with aged cheese bread is an inspired pairing. Lobster Expresso is next – with its lovingly condensed and distilled rich, savoury lobster essence. 
Tibetan Antler Mushroom S.A. Abalone Confit is excellent too, the South African abalone was cooked to just the right texture and firmness, its flavours nicely complemented by the Tibetan mushroom and a reduced pigeon sauce. Fresh Italian Fish Maw, 36-month Iberico Jamon followed – the salty flavour of the sliced ham is perfect with the blander fish maw. 
A pasta dish came next, a choice of HK Typhoon Shelter Angel Hair or Spanish Carabinero Linguine flavoured with shaved Lamma shrimp paste – two nice local touches.Next was Table’s signature Mud Crab Roe & Meat, Garlic Rice, which we’d been eagerly awaiting. Two good-sized mud crabs are cracked open to showcase the crab roe; its soft and runny texture mixes well with the flavourful garlic rice. You need to order this one three working days in advance as a standalone dish. We wrapped up this sumptuous meal with light and fluffy Ginger Souffle – totally sated. 
The dining experience at Table is always delightful and keenly anticipated – not just because the food is delicious and healthy, but also for the surprises that its menu always conjures up. Better yet, Chef Sandy is happy to tailor a personalised menu or variation. So, whether it’s for a special gathering or you just want to enjoy an exquisite meal, we highly recommend Table.

8F, The Pemberton, 22-26,  Bonham Strand, Sheung Wan,  Hong Kong


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