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Dab-pa Artisan

The creation of yet another new restaurant by Taste Gourmet Group, a fast-rising local dining operator, Dab-pa Artisan is sure to gain attention. Located in the luxury K11 Musea mall, the just-opened Dab-pa Artisan delivers innovative fusion dishes that strikingly blend Western and Chinese cuisines.

Dab-pa Artisan is helmed by Chef Ki, a Michelin-starred chef who earned his culinary stripes at Bo Innovation. For his latest endeavour, Chef Ki aims to deliver a refined, holistic dining experience that is best described as edgy and experimental, built on seasonal ingredients sourced from around the world and experimental molecular gastronomy, along with thoughtful plating.

The décor of the restaurant is contemporary and comfortable, a relaxed setting for an enjoyable meal. In addition to its extensive à la carte menu, Dab-pa Artisan offers a couple of set menus and an excellent afternoon tea, which comes with six savoury and two sweet delicacies. Worth mentioning are its specially concocted mocktails, featuring presentation that is meant to please both the palate and the eye, or camera, especially the eye-catching martini glasses.

For our meal, we chose a cross-section of dishes from the menu, smaller-sized entrees combined with some of the larger main dishes. We started with several cold dishes: Chilli, Pepper, Century Egg, Ginger, Cashew ($78) – a mildly spicy and tasty dish, Duck Liver Pate, Mei Kue Lu, Red Date Jelly ($148) – a interesting combo of different textures and flavours, and Shanghai Smoked Salmon, Vanilla, Sweet Soy Sauce ($158) – the fish is richly marinated, deep-fried until crispy, served in a hoisinbased sauce, and steeped in applewood smoke before serving.

We also had Chong Qing Spicy Chicken Wing, Garlic, Cumin ($88), which is a zesty and appetising snack that goes well with beers or cocktails. For main courses, we selected Artisan Cod Fish w/ Pickled Cabbage & Chilli ($238), a house speciality – the fish is tender and the sour, spicy flavour was everything we expected; Wagyu Beef in Hot Chilli Broth, Asparagus, Potato ($238), an interesting take on the traditional Hot Chilli broth beef dish that Sichuan is so famous for – but the flavours of the beef and broth remain tasty; and Golden King Prawn, Duck Egg, Cauliflower, Black Truffle ($228) – this striking dish is superb, the deep-fried king prawn is accompanied by a rich prawn purée and duck egg yolk.

We topped it off with Sichuan Dan Dan Noodle, Pork, Squid Ink ($128), another classic Sichuan dish with a creative twist. A trio of desserts helped complete this superb meal: Chinese Almond, Red Date, Wolfberry, Brown Rice ($88), Yanzhi Rose Mousse Berries, Rose Syrup ($168), and Fenjiu Chocolate, Brownie, Chestnut ($118). They were all good; we especially liked the beautiful presentation of the Yanzhi rose mousse. Our dining experience was excellent – Dab-pa Artisan seems to have found a sweet spot of upscale dining experience and appetising and innovative fusion dishes that dont drain your pocketbook.

We expect good things from this place as it garners more attention. Do give Dab-pa Artisan a try before the secret gets out


Shop B111, B1/F, K11 Musea, Victoria Dockside,  18 Salisbury Road, Kowloon 


Shop B111, B1/F, K11 Musea, Victoria Dockside,  18 Salisbury Road, Kowloon 



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