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Since its opening in late 2019, Mizutani, a contemporary Japanese restaurant and bar located on the top floor of Alva by Royal in Sha Tin, quickly became a favourite upscale destination for Japanese foodies in the area. Despite fits and starts interrupting its operation due to the Covid-pandemic, the restaurant has managed to attract and build a steady clientele throughout. When an opportunity arose to try out Mizutani’s latest tasting menu following the relaxation of Covid dining restrictions, we were delighted to visit again.


Mizutani enjoys a commanding view of Shatin, the Shing Mung River and the mountains of Ma On Shan Country Park. Its décor is understated sophistication, and its ambience is airy and bright, aided by full-glass windows and expansive views. The space is divided smartly to create clusters for the sushi bar, the robata grill counter, main dining room and a roof-top bar, all complemented by a large outdoor terrace that is perfect for drinks and gatherings.


Mizutani’s specialties are Sushi and Robatayaki. Its team of Japanese chefs helmed by veteran Executive Chef Ishiyama Manatsu aim to serve authentic Japanese cuisine with a contemporary flair, using the freshest ingredients flown in from Japan.  As the name suggests – Mizutani Uni Dinner Omakase Set – the highly prized uni (sea urchin) from Hokkaido is the highlight of our tasting menu – what a mouth-watering idea!


Our meal started with Yuba Bean Curd Skin and Soft-boiled Onsen Egg with Sea Urchin, a velvety concoction that goes well with the creamy, umami uni. Four sashimi selection was next, Medium Fatty Tuna, Yellowtail, Sea Urchin, and Striped. Each piece is fresh, tender, and buttery tasty – attesting to the quality of the fish chosen by the chef – it was heavenly.


Grilled Lobster with Sea Urchin is another treat for the palate – the whole lobster is halved and coated with the chef’s special sauce and grilled till it’s crispy and scorched and topped with the uni, offering a delight contrast of flavours between the tender lobster meat and the uni.


To give our taste bud a temporary break from all the rich seafood flavours, Seasonal Tempura of various fresh vegetables was next, which suited us just fine. The next dish  definitely grabbed our attention – Wagyu and Sea Urchin Clay Pot Rice - the uni flavour and the savoury tender beef are perfectly matched, and the aroma of the flagrant rice all but makes this dish irresistible. We capped the meal with an appetising Wagyu Beef Soumen and a cool dessert – Rain Drop Cake with Black Syrup and Soybean Flour. Mission accomplished and we were fully sated. We should mention to be sure to check out Mizutani’s collection of sakes, including its own private brand, which we ordered and  imbibed with pleasure.


The Uni Omakese Dinner Set is priced at $6980 for four persons, a reasonable price for such a sumptuous meal. Extra guests are charged $1,680 per person. It also offers an Intimate Moment with Uni Omakase menu for two at $3,380 which offers similar uni-themed dishes.


Our outing to Mizutani was most delightful and rewarding – superb food, attentive service, and excellent ambience. The sweet, creamy uni flavour lingers! Whether you want to enjoy a splendid dining experience for a special occasion or gathering, Mizutani is worth a visit, we highly recommend it.




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