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Simmer Huang: Simmer pot dining experience

With over 500 restaurants in China, Australia, Singapore and Indonesia, Simmer Huang is an established brand of Chinese cuisine, specialising in braised dishes served in a simmer pot. The first Hong Kong location opened last December, has received positive feedback locally. Its signature simmer pot has a pedigree dating from the Qing Dynasty, in which the distinctive braised cooking style ensures that all the flavours are retained within the dish. For main ingredients you can choose meat, chicken, fish or seafood; all come with assorted vegetables served as the base. The broth is made of “secret” sauce and chicken soup and comes at different levels of spiciness. A wide array of cold starters are also available to whet your appetite before you take on the challenge of the hot and spicy mains. We recommend Black Fungus in Chili Sauce and Sliced Beef & Beef Tripe in Chili Sauce. Whether you are new to hot-pot dining or a connoisseur, Simmer Huang is sure to stimulate your palate with a new taste experience.
Simmer Huang
1/F, Morrison Plaza, 5-9 Morrison Hill Road, Wan Chai 
+852 2110 4043


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