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Grand Opening in Sync - ANA SUSHI at YOHO Mall I

Headed into their 11th anniversary, LUBUDS F&B Group has launched ANA SUSHI at the height of their success at the new wing of YOHO Mall I in Yuen Long on 21st July, 2017. As the first project of LUBUDS to kick start their ambitious development in their 11th year, ANA SUSHI will continue to bring upon both quality and diversity to the Japanese dining experience of each and every customer, with a number of Japanese cuisine categories, including teishoku, sushi, sashimi, donburi, yakimono, tempura, agemono, robatayaki and teppanyaki. Customers will also find the seasonal catch imported from Japan on the seafood menu to their delight, as well as the variety of Japanese liquors, spirits and seasonal drinks. With its brand new modern Japanese decor and a relaxing ambience, ANA SUSHI is one of the most anticipated up-and-coming restaurants of the district.

Quality Dining Experience with Diversity

LUBUDS F&B Group endeavours to honour the diversity in Japanese cuisine whilst maintain top culinary quality. The brand new ANA SUSHI is the result of the accumulation of experience from 11 years of exploration in Japanese cuisine. The signature dishes include the Takayama-inspired Hida Beef Sushi on Shrimp Cracker ($238 / 3pcs), the simple looking yet complex Ox Tongue with Bean Paste Sauce ($88), the innovative Chicken Wing Stuffed with Foie Gras ($68 / pcs), ANA SUSHI’s all-time signature ANA Sushi ($78) as well as the executive chef’s own invention, Matsuba Crab & Sea Urchin Rice in Stone Pot ($168) and Minced Fatty Tuna with Rice Cracker ($58).

Delicacy In Season

Devoted to bringing the rare maritime delicacies of Japan to customers in Hong Kong, a number of seasonal catch from the seas of Japan are available at ANA SUSHI in addition to the regular seafood variety, such as the summer special flying fish, mackerel, largehead hairtail and ayu for grilling on skewers, as well as sea urchin and a variety of crabs in the winter months.


Alcohol and Seasonal Specialties Menu

To complement the wide range of Japanese delicacies, a number of sake, sochu and beer imported from Japan are available on the alcohol menu. In addition to the regular options, customers will be delighted to find the summer special drink series during the scorching hot season, such as Fruit Vinegar Soda ($38), Fruit Shochu ($38), Honey Drinks ($42) and Ice Black Tea ($32).


Contemporary Interior Design 

Setting the tone in light wooden shades, the warm colours effortlessly bring upon a relaxing ambience. With an open sushi bar and skewer bar, the artful gastronomic preparations will be on display to customers. The design of the restaurant also benefits from natural lighting through a semi-exposed glass ceiling to create an optimal sense of space in both day and night.

Signature Dishes

Hida Beef Sushi on Shrimp Cracker ($238)

The Hida Beef Sushi is made with Hida Beef, the specialty of Takayama of Gifu Prefecture in Japan. The Hida cattle are raised in the local highland environment of Takayama with impeccable air and water quality, resulting in the aromatic Hida beef with a tender texture and an exceptionally-even marbling. The chef has specifically chosen the tender rib eye to create the beef sushi in 3 different flavours – soy sauce, fire-grilled and Gunkanmaki with quail egg. To further characterise the sushi dish inspired by Takayama, the sushi is served on top of the shrimp cracker as a tribute to the street food culture at the markets of Takayama, where street food is served in the exact same presentation.

Great Amberjack Sashimi with Salad on Yuzu Vinegar ($88)

The salad in this dish is served with a homemade yuzu vinegar, which is prepared by soaking the peel of yuzu in Japanese vinegar for a day to give it the unique citrus aroma. The yuzu vinegar in this dish harmonises the flavours of salad and amberjack sashimi.

Fatty Tuna with Spring Onion Roll Tempura ($68 / 6Pcs)

The fatty tuna is first made into a sushi roll in the preparation of this tempura dish. It is then battered and deep fried for 20 seconds in sizzling oil at between 170 and 190 degree Celsius until medium to create a delicate layer of crunchy crust for optimal texture.

Minced Fatty Tuna with Rice Cracker ($58 / 2pcs)

Tuna with Rice Cracker is another dish from the innovation of Chef Wong. This kind of rice crackers originated from Thai cuisine was introduced to Chef Wong through his family background. Through his innovation, the traditional Thai cracker is matched with Japanese fatty tuna as a twist. The rice crackers in this dish are prepared in-house. They are paired with luscious minced fatty tuna with homemade mentaiko mayonnaise at the core to harmonise the texture of the smooth mince and the crunchy cracker, making it a brilliant pairing with sake and beer.

Ox Tongue with Bean Paste Sauce ($88)

This dish is prepared only with the cut of ox tongue with the most luscious marbling. The ox tongue is cooked with salt, black pepper and herbs for 3 hours. The ox tongue is then skinned immediately at high temperatures for best results due to the contracting nature of the ox tongue tissue once cooled. Panfried with salt and pepper, the ox tongue is served with a homemade sauce made with French mustard, egg yolk and miso. To ensure a smooth and silky consistency, the sauce is brought to a boil at low heat within a span of 5 hours and is stirred consistently during the boiling. Eventually the sauce is cooled and is mixed with rice vinegar, Tosa vinegar, French mustard seeds and cropped spring onion.

Chicken Wing Stuffed with Foie Gras ($68 / 1 pcs)

To prepare the dish, fresh French foie gras is salted and stuffed into chicken wings. The stuffed wings are speed-roasted at 800 - 900 degree Celsius to create a crunchy crust and a tender and juicy texture inside. Additionally, skewer salts in 3 distinctive flavours- seas salt, matcha and curry, are available as condiment for customers to create their own customised Japanese skewer.

Shrimp Rolled with Shiso Leaf & Chicken Skin Skewer ($48 / 1 pcs)

Prepared with tiger prawns from Canada, the prawns are shelled and skewered with bamboo sticks. Each of the skewered prawns is first wrapped with a shiso leaf and then a sheet of chicken skin on the outside. Drizzled in oil, the skewered prawns are put on a special grill. The grilled prawns are characterised by their crunchy shell as well as a contrasting smooth and bouncy texture inside. Likewise, 3 distinctive skewer salts are available as condiment with the dish.

Matsuba Crab & Sea Urchin Rice in Stone Pot ($168)

This is a dish invented by Wong Sai Kit, the executive chef of ANA Sushi. It is served by pouring all the stuffing in a Matsuba crab carapace made with Hokkaido Bafun sea urchin, crab butter, crab meat and crab roes, into a sizzling stone pot with rice. The crab buteer is processed with Japanese cooking wine in advance to remove its fishy taste, while the rice in this dish is flavoured with mentaiko rice seasoning for taste and mixed with seaweed and sesame for texture.



Address: Shop 1027, 1/F, YOHO MALL I, 9 Yuen Lung Street, Yuen Long, New Territories

Reservation: 2353 5515

Opening Hours:

Sunday to Thursday and Public Holiday: 11AM to 10:30PM

Friday and Saturday: 11AM to 11PM
(Last order: 30 minutes before closing time)



(Edited on 30 Oct 2017)


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